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May 14, 2006


Laura - Happy Mother's day..................You deserve the very best..........

A weekend packed to the gills with lots of love and fun, but I'm sure it tugs at your heart everytime you have to say goodbye for now. I really hope all goes your way this summer.

The left over sock yarn was mailed off this weekend, hope you get it soon.

wow! That was a fun filled weekend! Just think those summer holiday's are right around the corner!!! *hugs* You'll have a busy house then :) Lots of help to plant more flowers :)

You pack a lot of fun and love and making memories into your time with your kids. We should all treat our kids like they have to "go home" tomorrow. Kids would be happier and the world would be a better place. Happy Mother's Day.

You keep right on planting flowers, the flowers of hope, love, memories, prayer, motherhood.

It was a blessing to be with all of your children on Mother's Day, even if it was only for a short time. Sounds like you made the most of it.

Laura, I got my socks today (we don't have mail delivery on Saturday here). Amazing. Thank you so much!! You are wonderful :)
I'm sorry that your weekend wasn't as happy as it could have been. Happy Mother's Day.

It sounds like you planted much more than flowers this weekend - the love you planted in your kids will bloom forever.

A mixed bag of emotion and you handle it well. Sounds like your life as been a series of ups and downs but it's heading in a good direction now.

Sounds like it was a great visit with the kids. I wish OK and MI were closer for a hug.

It sounds like you have wonderful children! I totally get the shoe thing!

I am sending a little prayer about your court date!


You wrote: "So. It's been a day. Sort of a sad day. But life is good. We have healthy children. We have a beautiful home. And I have planted flowers."

And the sun comes up new each day. :o) Tomorrow will be better.

A really, really big hug to you!

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