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May 04, 2006


Great job on the socks. I'm sure your pal will be pleased.

Just lovely!

I did that on a swap once. Merrily sending what I thought were anonymous email that had my name plastered all over it! Luckily my pal was a real pal and pretended not to notice!

You know, I just love the sock yarn colors. Good job on them.

Really? You never get comment spam? That's amazing to me...I'm plagued with it. Of course, I say "porn" and curse like a sailor...I wonder if that's the connection. Hrm....

My favorite color combination (okay, ONE of my favorite color combinations) is brown (either a deep, cool brown, or a nice sandy brown) and light to medium blue. It doesn't always work out real well in yarn, but when done right, it's great. Of course The Boyfriend, who has all sorts of color theory training, says that liking that color combination is indicitive of madness. Like anyone is surprised that I like it.

Whoa - Laura: Those socks are great! Your sock pal will LOVE them!!!
Maybe it's me?

The socks are lovely! That picture of Emeline with her leg crossed over the other just cracks me up!

Hubby wants to know, since I tend to call you Sugar Bunny, if there's a Sugar Daddy. Ha!

Your pal is so lucky! Those socks are lovely, and your daughter is obviously a yarn prodigy. The Yarn Harlot already? There's certain to be wool in her future.

Hi! I'm with Imbrium. I was just going to say a colorway with cream, a light tan to brown, and some seafoam green/blue greenish (think sea glass) Man, that would be cool. Oh, and definitely variegated/not striped. A striping colorway would look nice with white/hot pink/lime green and deep green. The colors of watermelon! Could you work in some flecks of black for the seeds?

fab socks! I love that spice and the heel looks great! I'm def. gonna try that next sock.

Dang I forgot to comment on Emeline!
Wow from picture books to hard core knitting novels lol Brainy Child!!

Those socks are gorgeous! I'd love to try that cable pattern. I've not done any cables yet, and what better place to test them than on socks!

We'll have to see if we can find Emeline a knitting kids book, and I'll have to get one for my boy too.

Oh, and on the color combo, I vote for pink/purple variegated with very, very light pink, hot pink and deep jewel purple. Two from either end of the light spectrum and flecks of hot pink in the middle.

Also, I'm feeling forest green, something with kelly green accents and red/orange/brown/yellow flecks like the leaves left over from last autumn. I've never dyed anything, so I don't know if that's possible, but some of my favorite times have been spent hiking in the woods. And what would be better than hiking socks that match the woods!?!

Have fun!!

Your pal will love her socks! I love her socks!

Color suggestions? Hmmm... How about burnt orange and HAHAHA!! Kidding of course! I hope Emeline is interested in the "Yarn" part of Stephanie's book and not the "Harlot" part!

Oh dear, those socks are so pretty! I love the heels, and the colours are so pretty! Congrats on finishing, you are going to make your sock pal very, very happy!

The socks are great, but truly, the photo of Emaline is the topper... especially the second photo with her foot casually crossed over her knee, deep in reading thought, planning her next project and getting advise from the Harlot... the cutest ever... and how sad will you be when she no longer has the cutest baby knees...

Peanut would love, love, love pink & purple stripes! Well, the kid would love anything with those colors in it. She's not overly choosey when it comes to princess colors. Blue, pink & white socks would be perfect for WalkAmerica next year. Let me know if you decide to go that route, too. :) I love pictures of Emeline! Such a doll.

Emeline, sweetheart! I loooooooove those pictures!!!!

Laura, those socks are to die for! Lovely. And I like how you're getting them young...so cute.

Nice socks, I'm sure your pal will love them!

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