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July 10, 2006


What a wonderful family-packed post! Happy Birthday Suzannah! What size does Benny wear? I've got to get him out of that Cubs shirt and into one from a REAL baseball team.

Happy Birthday Suzannah! And Laura, now you've got me welling up, thinking about my big one turning ten, even though he is only five!

Happy Birthday to Suzanne!! It looks like she had a fabulous time.
They sure make kids read hard books today. I read them both and struggled even at my age (but I'm not very smart);-)

Happy Birthday Suzannah, and Laura, No, that doesn't make you old... have a great time with your kids.

awww Happy Belated Birthday Suzannah!
I love that family pic, its sooo cute!
Looks like you all had a great weekend! I hope you got some steak when you went out! *drools* oh how I love steak!
Your porch swing is a perfect knitting spot! I've always wanted one of those.
My oh my Benny is getting more grown up looking with each picture, the one on the right of the book I had to double take at, I couldn't believe it was him :)

what a wonderful day! happy birthday to suzannah and a bunch of more wonderful days this summer to you all :)

Times flies by with the kids. One of my best friends kids is turing 13 this year1 13... It seems only yesterday I held her in my arms, when she was 1 day old.. Happy belated birthday to Suzannah!

Ten years old is quite a milestone. Happy birthday Susannah! Isn't it always on our kids' birthdays (not on our own) when we feel old?! Just wait until your kids are old enough that you have to calculate their age from their birth year. That happens sometime after they turn twenty. Someone asked John and me just last night how old our daughter is and we both looked at each other for help. "Twenty-three", I said. "No, twenty-four", John said. Turns out I was right, but she will turn twenty-four in November. I'm going to feel really old then.

Oh Laura, your pictures are just beautiful. How can you tell you're the perfect mom.....? Your arm is just the right length to get everyone in the shot!

Happy 10th to your sweetie!

Happy Birthday to Suzannah! What lovely children you have. I can only hope that whenever I get ready to have kids they turn out half as well. :)

Happy belated birthday to your lovely daughter!

Now, I feel all caught up............what a wonderful post! With pictures of you, finally!!!!!
Happy Birthday to lovely Suzannah! Ten is such a wonderful age - not quite a kid, and not yet hormonal.........

Aaaah! Happy birthday Suzannah! I hope she enjoys her 10th birthday! That's a big one! Also, I didn't have to read Things Fall Apart until I was in college...that was a tough book but it could have been cause I was hung over most of the time while reading it..although I seriously doubt Benny will have that problem! :)

i love meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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