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July 17, 2006


Calliope is beautiful, as is that gorgeous necklace, good luck and all good outcomes with all your endeavors, be they general health, children or knitting!

"Super Fabulous" is right - it looks terrific and the color is wonderful!

She is beautiful! Great job! I think you should make more beautiful things for YOU. I do love the form and lore of your necklace. Thinking really good thoughts for you.

You're doing the right thing to be mentally and physically ready for your 'battle'. When you feel good about yourself and full of confidence you are a better challenger. Go grrlfriend!
It was wonderful to hear about Lee Ann and that all went so well. Our powers for good continue.
Calliope looks fabulous on you!!

Beautiful lovely Calliope! Hope you hear from the attorney soon...

Laura its gorrrrrrrgeous! and fits you perfectly!!!!
Now that necklace is riiiiight up my alley!!!
They aren't gonna know what hit them when you walk into that court room Kansas mamma with the courage of a lion and one freaking awesome knit!!!!
Go gett'em tiger!

Visualizing you striding into court with all that strength and confidence, I certainly wouldn't want to be getting in your way. I'll be watching for all your updates, I've been thinking about you and the court case all morning.

Calliope looks perfect. Great fit and great color. Sure would like to see a full-length photo of you in it....it does indeed appear that weight loss has occurred. The necklace is lovely, and words and ideas certainly have power, but the truth is that you have power and strength all on your own. And this time....you're going to win!

Calliope looks beautiful!

You should be in love with that one! It's gorgeous! And good news on the friend front. We'll keep the good karma coming your way.

Calliope is fabulous! Good Luck in court! It will be a little comforting I'm sure to be wearing something that you absolutely love and made yourself. :)

You've inspired me to get back on my "need to go to the gym since I pay for a membership" horse. I keep meaning to go... yeah, doesn't hardly ever work out that way. hmm. maybe a better plan is needed.

Calliope is just beautiful, Laura!

And you have all the strength and support I can wish you across the southwestern plains!

Peace to you!!

It's so pretty! It suits you so well! Congrats on finishing :) (Btw, I just love your Courage! I'm waiting for KP to have more of that fingering weight so I can start dyeing my own yarn, finally!)

Calliope looks wonderful. Great job.

That sweater is beautiful!! Absolutely wear it with pride. It's really lovely. Yeah for you for sticking with Curves! I loved it but the week after I signed up to go before Mister went to work, they changed his hours and he went to school three nights a week. Now, we don't live anywhere near one. Such is life. That squat station was the one I always dreaded. :)

It's gorgeous!
You go girl!!!!!!

Laura! Calliope is beautiful! And it looks fantabulous on you!! The color goes so well with your skin tone...what a great choice! And what an awesome necklace! You walk into that court room and show em who's boss!

You should be really **proud** of yourself!

Calliope is beautiful. And it fits so well. I can see why it must have been a fun knit.

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