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July 06, 2006


HEY YOU! Glad you're all doing well and that you got some knitting time in the back yard :)
Calliope looks sooooo beautiful, its going to look gorgeous on! I just can't keep up to you though, I need more time to knit on my butterfly!
Emeline looks sooo cute in those sprinkler pictures, I think I'd like to join her....... only I don't think I'll look as cute, a drowned rat comes to mind :)
Bet your glad once again to have all your kiddies back. Fingers crossed for friday or monday for you..... more friday though :)
Hope your having a great day!

I think Emeline has a good idea! Tonight when the sprinklers go off I'm going to run outside and stand in the drink in my jammies. What? You don't think I would? Sounds like a dare to me! Re: the court mess - sucks, but hang in there.

Ha! My 12-year-old daughter was outside yesterday in the sprinkler, doing the very same thing! She actually took the hose and sprayed herself directly in the face! She had a blast!

Calliope looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it all done :)
Hope everything works out well! (and quickly!)

Calliope looks great.

Tracy and I were just 'talking' about you. It's great to see you are finding time to relax. Nothing works as quickly as we would like. Playing a cool cucumber is the best way to go;-)
Calliope is going to be wonderful. Hugs to you.

Calliope is looking great!
Hope you don't have to hold your breath toooo long and it all works out for you and the kids.

Laura - Your Calliope (in the same color as mine) is much farther along. You inspire me to pull it out again, and try to complete it this season.......
The pictures of Emeline are adorable, as always!
I'll be thinking of your attorney............good legal thoughts coming his or her way.........

Glad to know that you've got the kids again. Have faith, everything will work out.

I spent a good portion of my evening watching Peanut play in the water that had accumulated at the edge of the driveway. You would have thought it was an Olympic sized swimming pool. She also believes all water needs attention no matter her state of dress. Mother's Day involved some major mud puddles making friends with a pretty outfit.

I'm glad to hear all the kids are safely at home with you. I hope everything goes as quickly and as well as you'd like it to. I'm keeping my fingers and needles crossed here for you and the Sugar Bunny clan.

Margene and I were saying we wished we could get together with you. Wouldn't that be fun! Know you are going through a stressful time right now. The waiting is so hard...not knowing if things will turn out the way you want...praying that it will.

Calliope is looking good!

Calliope is looking great! There's nothing like running through the sprinklers on a summer day! :)

I stayed in my pajamas until lunch on the 4th, too. I didn't play in the yard, tho. Calliope looks really good!

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