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August 18, 2006


The little bags of cookies and scones sat on my kitchen counter until today. When I picked them up to put in the cupboard I thought how fun it would be to back up one of them this weekend (a very quiet weekend for a change) so I'll start with the scones tomorrow. They do look yummy.
It's no wonder you are nerveous and anxious about the future. Take care of yourself, grrlfriend, so that you'll be ready for anything.

Oh, when I read about Suzanna it makes me want to come down to Kansas to sit with you and the babies. That's about the only thing I think I could physically do to help. Well, legally that is. :)

The flower photos are great. Difference between Peanut and Emeline? Peanut would have bitten them off the stem. She has a weird thing abou snacking on flowers...and rocks..and dirt. Ok, maybe my kid is just weird!

Oh, Laura - I'm nervous for you............(fingers crossed) This one had better call you back, or I am gonna have some lawyer ass to kick.......

Catching up today on blog reading. Sounds like you're having fun and great success with spinning. A good distraction is hard to come by sometimes. Run with it.

I had to laugh at the flower in pieces. Glad there are more to enjoy.

The spindle bag is coming along nicely. I love the mix of textures. When finished, it will be a knitted record of your first spinning attempts...a real treasure.

Your spindle bag is looking great. I have lots of roving and a spindle too. I need to get started.

Oh that lily is absolutely breath-taking! And I'll comment at Purl's as soon as she posts HER eye candy! I think she's got a great idea here!

Great eye candy! We'll let you slide on the no babies part, but don't let it happen again!

Be strong

Mmm, that scone looks good!

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