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August 07, 2006


It is great to hear how upbeat you are and all your projects are wonderful.

Good luck with the new attorney.

Your new yarn is gorgeous.

yay! glad to hear things are pretty good :) i hope the new attorney works out and does great things.
i was always curious about your dyepal yarn - it's lovely! fantastic!

The blanket is beautiful and I love the yarn you made. You can really tell you put a lot of love and inspiration into it.

Glad things are going well for you with the new attorney. Your starry night dye job is great :) I've been thinking about you all weekend as sunflowers keep popping up everywhere :)

Garter stitch blanket knitting with sock yarn really is a good thing. It got me through the last couple tough weeks. Seeing the colors change is a nice plus. Sock yarn really works great for this. Hope everything else keeps going well for you.

Glad to hear things are looking up. You certainly deserve some good news.

I adore that Starry Night colorway. It's inspiring me to renew my acquaintance with sock yarn dyeing.

Dyeing, and knitting with left over sock yarn. Love the blanket idea as well.

You will continue to be in my thoughts in the coming weeks.

Best to you and your family.

I love the memory blanket and I recognized the starry night swatch right away! Best of luck in the upcoming weeks.

I like your memory blanket...good idea. And, I'm very curious to find out what your new obsession is. Don't leave us guessing too long.

You've been outed already. Playing in the roving, eh?

(Hehehe. I'm so happy about this.)

Trust, me, lovey, once you get going, it will keep you from losing your everloving mind in this abysmal experience you're going through. All good wishes for success with the new attorney, and remember to take care of yourself (though it looks like you've got that covered. Excellent.).

Good news! We are all keeping our fingers crossed for you and yours. The knitting is lovely and the idea of a memory blanket is perfect.

I found you checking to see who Margene had sucked into the spindling void, so I think I can guess what your new obsession might be. I really love the idea of a memory blanket, and using up leftovers and that is a great pattern for it... I made my stepdaughter a blankie for my husband's first grandbaby from it. Yours looks like it is headed towards being the "couch quilt" that everyone will vie to be under this winter. Warm thoughts to get you through your difficult time and back to a life in balance.

The memory blanket is looking wonderful! And that is my favorite baby blanket "pattern" - have gifted many to rave reviews! :)

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