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August 10, 2006


The sunflower is just amazing! And your first spinning puts mine to shame. I have been at it for a little while now (several months on and mostly off) and I still have to park. I'll have to pick up that book next chance I get. Happy spinning!

Wow! You did much better with your first try at a spindle than I did! That looks absolutley wonderful. Now, where are you planning on keeping the wool stash? You better figure it out now, because I guarantee a fiber stash is in your future, LOL.

ohhhh now that sunflower is awesome! That crimson red is soo unusual, I didn't realize they came in different colours.
Look at you go with the spinning, your a natural girl!

I echo that "wow". I bought a drop spindle and tried and tried to spin, without luck. It definitely did not feel like an extension of my body.......

Beautiful sunflower!!!

Wow...that's beautiful! I can't believe you're a beginner!

That is so awesome. I ordered that book, and I just got some roving, a spindle, and another book today.

Beautiful sunflower.

your spinning is wonderful.

Amazing! You're magic with fibers, obviously. :)

Looks good! I don't think most people have that kind of success the first time out. This could very well be your "calling" in the fiber world. Have fun!

You are a natural! It is truly in your blood, your dna, your fingertips. In no time you'll be making the most beautiful yarn. If the fiber doesn't fall apart it's spun well. You really can't overtwist it as it unwinds when you ply. I use the center pull ball method to ply as it is very easy. There are many others described in the book and I want to learn them all.

That sunflower is GORGEOUS! And your photo really captures the colors and textures nicely. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

OMG, that sunflower is just amazing!! Love it!!

And your spinning is lovely. I really like the pink and natural together!

Yay, my spice is coming home soon! Your handspun looks like cotton candy, and it's making me want some.

That sunflower is STUNNING. How much can I pay you for a couple of those seeds when they mature? I'm serious.

i love sunflowers and that one is just gorgeous. i'm trying to grow my own but the flowers haven't come up yet.

and yoru spinning is so pretty.

Simply beautiful :) You definitely are gifted when it comes to fiber arts. I didn't realize you quilted as well. Do you participate in the Central Kansas Quilt Shop Hop? Three quilting friends and I have gone every year since it started - I think this will be the eighth year coming up.

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