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August 30, 2006


My sympathies for what you are going through. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous "professionals" out there. Keep on knitting, and keep yourself centered and focused.

I've been thinking about you all day as you've been so quiet. I say keep harrassssing the hell out of the guy. Be the squeaky wheel...make him work for you...it's YOUR money. Mr. Cavalier...jeeezzzz. Knitting gets us through the rough spots but you've been on a big roller coaster ride and lawyers just don't think enought about what you're going through. Call that secretary every hour! (Ya, I'm a little jacked up today);-)

I agree - be the squeaky wheel, and keep him to his word. Discussion of the UCCJEA brought me back to law school.

Good, you actually got to speak to him. It amazes me that these things take so much work and time. I know you will feel better when you receive an email from him verifying that he is really working on it and not just saying so. Hope you get something soon.

i'm thinking good thoughts for you! i hope this lawyer comes through for you guys--hate dealing with the court system under ANY circumstances, much less such emotional ones! good luck!!!

Uugghh! The agony of this dragging out! I just hate that condescending "Busy with clients" line. YOU'RE a client!! I agree with Margene - make him set dates and times and make him stick to them. If he says Friday before noon, then be on the phone at 12:01. You want me to call him?

Oy! The stress! You remain in my thoughts and prayers!!

Have you thought about going into Family Law? You're getting quite the first hand lesson.
Regarding LOST. No reruns YET. There is a cool DVD on the current TV Guide. (We've been passing it around at work.) Some interesting stuff to hold you over.

Egad, I feel the frustration myself!! Keep calling, keep being a total pest! (Unfortunately, from what I know about lawyers, your experience is certainly not unique.)

Still so frustrating. I hope he's good on his word and gets it done for Friday.

Hi Laura,
I can understand your fustration with the legal system. It can be maddening. The Lord gave me this verse one time when we were dealing with a certain situation.

...ye shall not be afraid of the face of man; for the judgment is God’s: and the cause that is too hard for you, bring it unto me, and I will hear it.Duet 1:17 In Proverbs it says
Many seek the ruler’s favour; but every man’s judgment cometh from the LORD.Proverbs 29:26
So just keep those prayers going up.... ultimately it is His decision. Love to you all

Are you not paying him enough to care about this? Gah! I'd ask him flat out, "What am *I* doing wrong that this can't go any faster?" Asking that will imply it's not you, it's him. Which is true.

I'd call him today (Thursday) and remind him of Friday's deadline. My Husband is a bureaucratic miracle worker and his secret is call and pester until they do want you want just so you'll shut up already. :)

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