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September 24, 2006


You ARE in our thoughts and prayers. We are pulling for you and your children. There are not words to tell you how much we care and are rooting for y'all. Big Hugs and Much Love. Again- anything I can do, please let me know. xoxoxoxo.

I'm thinking of you and your family. Things will be good and happy in 11 days.
Hugs :)

I think you've hit the nail on the head about the step-mother - but she will never admit to it. I hope you are able to find some way to get peace of mind until your court date comes - I know I couldn't handle all of these delays but your children are the best motivation in the world - so keep your chin up!

Behind you all the way. Here's hoping the next eleven days go by FAST and you can get them out of there.

Hang in there!

Prayers & Hugs!

I just can't think how awful it would be to know that your kids are in trouble and you can't help. Oh my. If all our good wishes are any help at all, this will all be over soon and you will be able to relax and take care of your kids yourself!

How awful but also validating, I suppose. I'm sorry that you have to wait 11 days and hope that everything is resolved quickly when you go to court.

I am so, so sorry! Please know that I am thinking about you and your family and praying for the safe return of your children! I can't imagine what you must be going through. Keep the faith!

i am so sorry about the distress your family is going through right now...i am keeping you all in my prayers!

awww Laura! Only a few more days and they will all be safe in the arms of love. I'd be sitting behind ya if I could!

I came for the knitting before I ever knew there was "another" story. I'll stay for the knitting, thank you. :)

Call me corny, but I keep coming back for YOU, my friend! Besides, my work here isn't done until you finally see the error of your ways and start cheering for the Longhorns. :-D

I am so distressed for you. You seemed okay with the extra two weeks, but to me it seems like an eternity. I hope that nothing serious can change in the next nine (?) days or that your husband can come up with a way to mess up the hearing.

Hang in there.

We'll keep coming back for the knitting, the baby pictures AND the big kid pictures, because I am sure this will work out for you. You can imagine all of us knit bloggers sitting on your side of the courtroom.

Courage and strength. We're all behind you!

Of course we'll keep coming back. I mean, we want to know how all the kids are doing, once together in the same house. :)

Dearest Laura...I am so sorry for your distress and the incredibly sad situation the kids are in. If I had the frequent flyer miles and vacation time to spare, I'd be in the courtroom sitting on your side. They should be ashamed and as my grandma has told me my entire life, "Someday they'll be sorry."

Dear Laura,
We have to put up with so many evil people in this life. I can feel your pain as a mother. Take some time to read Psalm 37 and let those words comfort you. So many times though our fight is not actually with the people but with principalities and powers....... evil spirits that control the people. Either God has you or the Devil can take you at his will. Thats why Christ came to deliver us from the evil one. Your in my prayers. God Bless, Love Pam

Thank goodness you have the ball rolling and know the kids will be safe with you soon.

Oh Laura, I am so so sorry. None of you should ever have had to deal with something like that. No one deserves it. You are definietly in my thoguths and I just know everything will turn out for the best. It will be over soon.

Warmy wooly love,

My heart totally breaks for your children there is no way children should have to go through that and wait until there is space in court. It makes me so angry I have a 10 year old daughter too and the thought of someone hurting her makes me very , very , very angry. I know I don't really know you but I feel I could cry for you. Be strong and soon you will have your babies where they belong.

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