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September 22, 2006


Very pretty! Feel better soon!

Hope that everything gets back to normal soon. Lovely pictures..........Emeline's crown is precious! And the veil......

Your back pain sounds like what I went through two years ago. Ice might help more than heat and you need to stretch. Can you see a PT? That helped me most of all. It's likely from stress, you poor dear.

LOVE the flower photos, Emeline is cuter every time we see her and the sock is very, very pretty!

Oh Laura, I hope your back is feeling better soon! I've hurt my back more times than I like to remember, and it sucks.
Enjoy your weekend :)

I hope you are feeling well and I hope the next two weeks fly by. It seems so cruel to make you all wait. After this all this stress you guys are dealing with everything that comes your way should be so much easier to handle or at least I hope it is.

Ok, I gotta know where you scored that tiara! Peanut would just adore one!

The sock is looking great. I'm still nervous af fair isle.

Hope you feel better soon.

I was HOPING you'd have some more morning glory photos today! Yippee! I just love morning glories. I love the sweet faces on those little girls, too! Feel better!

Oh, poor thing! I'm sorry to hear about the delay AND your back!!! Hopefully you're feeling better very soon and back to normal! :)

May you feel better soon. Lovely pictures! Always something to look forward to!

Don't you mean "Her Royal Highness Princess Emeline"? Your flowers are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing. Sending a big hug your way, but not too tight!

If it helps, I see no mistakes in the socks:)

Love the kid pics, they're so cute!

Oh, you always have such great pictures! I love Emeline's pictures, and the sock looks wonderful! For what it's worth, my chiropractor told me when I've hurt my back, I should do heat for 10 minutes, then ice for 10 minutes, once per hour. I'm finishing projects and cleaning house in anticipation of the Fair Isle Cardigan knit-along! (Two birthday parties and one football game are going to get in the way if that this weekend, I'm afraid.)

Take care!

Such beautiful photography, Laura. And on drugs no less. Hope your back feels better -- there's nothing worse than back pain when you have to wrangle little ones!

did Emeline loose her E or did I fail to put it on??? I can send you another one if so, I've got a whole bag full!
Your fair isle sock is awesome! I'm sooo jealous on how far you've got, I want my sock to be going too :(

An injured back is a bad thing when you have children that need lifting and holding.

Can't see the mistake in the sock at all.

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