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September 18, 2006


The flowers are perfect. Wish I'd thought of that!

The bag is very cute, and the flowers are beautiful and very thoughtful.

My thoughts will be with you this week...

My thoughts are are with you and I hope you come home with a loud car full of kids! Good Luck and drive safe.

You will be in my thoughts as you travel. I hope everything goes exactly how you want it to.

What a wonderful bag! It is a perfect use of your first handspun and you'll have it forever. Good luck in Texas.

I love your bag! It's a great use for homespun. I've got a bunch sitting around here begging for a project. Most of it was spun by my wicked cool step mom to be. Some of it was spun by my husband.

Anyway, I'm sitting here drinking iced elderberry tea, and wearing my starry night socks... and sending good vibes your way.

Love and Hugs,

The bag is gorgeous and I especially like your bag models. I also got some very nice yarn in the mail over the weekend... Thanks a ton!

Great bag, and best of luck with the hearing.

Beautiful bag!

Wednesday? Oh, no, I thought it was tomorrow. The waiting is killing me! Best of luck with it. You know many people will be sending good thoughts you way!

Tons & tons of good travelling and court appearance thoughts, prayers and hopes being sent your way from our house!!

The bag is beautiful. Really, beautiful.

aww Laura your bag is fabulous! I love it! It will be such a great grab and go bag :)

Your bag is beautiful - I love the colour combo's.
The models are fabulous.
What a lovely surprise (flowers). My thoughts are with you and I am hoping for the best for you and your children.
I'll check back for an update.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that everything will go your way!

The bag is great! Wishing you the best.

you will be in my thoughts as i sit at threadbear w/ sharon and send good vibes your way!

Do you need yet another person telling you how wonderful your bag is, wishing you luck on all that's courtly, and how lovely the flowers are? Sure you do! :) You've got a lot of supporters in blogville.

I love the color progression on the bag! Flowers are always a pick-me-up, what a nice treat from your friend!

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