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September 06, 2006


Great idea of how you put those two yarns together - love it! & good luck with court!!!!!

You are one crazy knitter. Hope you and the grrls feel much better soon!

Awww, poor little girl. She doesn't look like she's having the best of days.
Congrats on getting the date finalized. It's all moving along.

Fifty dollars a ball is a lot for novelty yarn...glad it didn't get thrown in the trash.

Tell E. thanks for modeling the scarf. I can tell she wasn't really into it.

Does it sound worse to mention the garbage yarn was a gift from my mother? (Hanging my head in shame)--- To all of you out there who have been reading the Sugarbunny blog - you must know by now that this lady is a VERY creative person. And the fact that she can turn THAT yarn into anything nice - PROVES IT TEN FOLD!!!

So sorry to hear about all the sickies at your house. Bleck!

You always do such beautiful work with the knitting. I am not a novelty yarn lover as a general rule but I really like what you are doing here. Gorgeous as always.

Very nice knitting :) The scarf looks great on Emeline.
Hope everyone's feeling better soon!

Emeline looks sweet in the scarf, and the new scarf your're working on is nice. I'm not in to novelty that much either, but it's nice in small doses.

I think I know which 'trash' yarn you're using. I'm knitting up a cardigan in it, myself, and love it.

Don't care much for your LYS? Consider yourself invited to my Sit, Sip, and Knit group's yarn crawl. There's about 7 LYSs here, plus a spinner's paradise store. We've not made fast plans, yet, but need to, since all the fall merchanise is arriving. I think that many stores is worth a two hour drive. ;) Plus, we'd love to oooh and ahhh over your work.

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