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September 30, 2006


your fence looks sooo great with those morning glories adorning it.
Jam already?? My my you are fast!!!

Holy Cow are those pics beautiful.. They should be on a postcard or notecard or something. On your Etsy story. Get on that willya? (*grin*)

Your Etsy store...um yeah.

Ooh- I have jam envy!
That looks beautiful - nice photography.
gingered Pear Jam sounds yummy!

Your flowers are so pretty. I wish I could keep stuff like that alive. We kill cacti in this house!

The morning glory blue may be my favorite color! You take such beautiful pictures of the flowers. Your pear/ginger jam sound more to my liking. I love ginger but don't want it to burn my mouth.

I always love the pictures of your morning glories! They're just gorgeous.

Beautiful blues for the start of the fall!

man, you can sure see why they used the word "glory" in the naming of those flowers--those are just absolutely lovely. and the sky behind them is just about the same color as my bedroom walls, a choice i continue to revel in 3 years late... :) the jam looks delicious, too--my mother just called me this weekend looking for a recipe for a bunch of pears, so i would love it if your would share when you have time!

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