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September 05, 2006


The scarf is adorable! It seems like just the right size for Emeline. Hope you all feel back to normal soon!

Yes, it is Judy's roving and it is Simply Red. You did such a beautiful job of spinning and knitting! You have surpassed me by miles in spinning and knitting with your homespun. Nice work, grrlfriend.
Your dollies are so cute and always fun to see.

What a cute scarf! Sorry to hear you are all sick. My husband and I have been suffering with the same stuff the last few days, and in the middle of the night, last night I heard one or both of the kids start coughing too. I hope you all get better soon!

Hope you girls feel better soon!
Still keeping fingers crossed for a good legal result............

how cute is that scarf! Love the pattern you used for the yummy yarn!
Glad you and the girls got to have some daddy time this weekend. Its a good thing you can't pass boogers through blogging, or all of the knit blog community would be crusty boogers!

Sounds like you had a nice weekend together. Your scarf is really cute. The stitches are so even. My homespun is nowhere near that consistancy.
Hope y'all are feeling better soon. (My fall allergies have started already.)

Maybe Emeline will model the scarf for us sometime. I would love to see that. It may be small, but it's beautiful all the same. Is this the first finished object with your very own homespun? Way to go!

Every time you post your babies is Eye Candy Friday!

Hope you all feel better soon. And that really is a pretty little scarf.

My kids are sick too. I think it's allergies. Glad you had a good weekend, and here's hoping things go smoothly over the next couple of days.

BTW, the scarf is beautiful!

The handspun scarf is GORGEOUS. Now I want one. Okay, I'm going to look for some lovely red roving at Rhinebeck. That will be my goal. :)

Hi Laura,
Just love all the pics and am still amazed that you can go thru illness knitting away. We (grandpa I and Kaylee were sick this weekend too. Kay had something that looked kinda like chickenpoxs? But I don't think it was. Gary and I just had stomach stuff. But were all well now. Have prayed for you and the problems, its so wonderful to be able to pray for each other knowing we have someone who cares for us! I was so sad also about the crocodile hunter. He loved his little ones so much. His little girl was not afraid of anything. Well have a good week and Happy Knitting

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