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October 26, 2006


Happy Birthday Benny! My youngest will be 15 in December. I hadn't even thought about drivers ed but now I've been reminded. I hope Benny's 15th is one of his best!

Happy birthday Benny! I hope you have a great one. Good luck getting all adjusted to your new school and everything... I'm so glad to hear you are all together again :)

How proud you must be of your son, and happy to have all your children together for his birthday.

Happy Birthday Benny!

Happy B-day Mr B! Greetings from a very rainy and stormy Stockholm.

Great pics and what an awesome cake Laura!
Happy Birthday Benny, enjoy that laptop!

I hate to say they grow up so fast, but dang! My older stepson was 5 when I met my husband. Now he's 20. Phew.

Happy Birthday, Benny! Love all those pictures!

Happy Birthday Benny! If you think 15 is great, just wait till you turn 16!

Happy birthday Benny I hope you had a wonderful day.

Happy birthday, Benny!

Happy Birthday!! The bath in the sink photo really shows a strong resemblence between him and Emeline to me. All of the photos are great!

That is the sweetest pictorial I have ever seen! Happy Birthday to your Big Boy son!

Benny is a handsome young man! Enjoy your day and your new adventure, Benny!

Wonderful! Thanks so much for all the great pictures, and Happy Birthday to Benny!!

Happy Birthday dear Bennnnyyyyyyyyy!
Happy Birthday to yoouuuu!!

And I bet your Birthday wish is for your Mom to lose that "bath in the sink" picture!

Great pictures, Laura. Please tell Benny Happy Birthday from me, Bella, Chester, and our Benny. (who is only about 3 years behind him)

Happy Birthday, Benny, even if it is a day late. I know that you are still making your mom very happy. You're a young man with, I'm sure, a very strong character and I'm sure that you will do well in life. I hope you enjoy all your new challenges.

Happy birthday, Benny! Mmmmm, I wanna piece o' that cake!

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