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January 17, 2007


that's lovely! i LOVE all the colors!!!

Oh my Laura!! You have done so much work on this project. All that roving spun, then dyed in such beautiful colors. The scarf is beyond wonderful. What a lovely, wonderful way to show of your talents!!

Argosy turned out gorgeous - you were my inspiration for this project, but Noro can't compete with your handspun!.....I'm about 1/2 way done and loving it!

That is just amazing. It looks so good! What a great present :)

Those pictures are just so beautiful. What a lovely present! You really did a great job.

This is seriously something to brag about! Simply beautiful! I love the "flower in the snow" picture.

Wow - that is stunning. I love how you dyed and spun the yarn yourself - it is seriously gorgeous. I'll have to show this to my daughter, who is a new spinner.

Wow, that is quite an accomplishment: beautiful and unique. What a special gift. Even as a spinner myself, I am amazed whenever someone takes a project from fiber to FO. Congrats!

Wow! That is incredible. I didn't realize you had dyed the yarn as well. What a fantastic gift! The end result is so beautiful. Did she not think she could learn to knit in 2 days? LOL. Loved seeing the progress pics from start to finish. Thanks.

Just beautiful, Laura! You should be so proud.

awww How many times can I say its BEautiful!!!
Awwww from roving to knit item huh! Thats pretty dang cool!
Well done well done!

Wow ! That's stunningly beautiful. A truly admirable piece of work, from beginning to end.
Fabulous !

Now I have a new goal to work towards -- to be just as good of a spinner, dyer, and knitter as Laura!

Absolutely amazing! Argosy is truly a work of art and very, very inspiring! I love the picture of it as a rose in the snow. :)
Did you Navajo-ply the singles you spun up?

Just stunning! I'm loving it.

That is SO beautiful! :)

Your scarf is beautiful! I just started this project but am making it from a red angora/alpaca yarn. Your dying job was very ambitious - but worth it!

So pretty!

it'a very beautiful and i love that you dyed the yarn and all that. it is ALL THAT.

Your Argosy is gorgeous! I like how you added extra width-it shows off your colors so well. Nice photos too, especially the one that's rolled up on the snow!

Laura - it's gorgeous!

Beyond gorgeous. :) Too bad you can't mass produce these.

Oh wow! How wonderful! The flower is my favorite.

Absolutely amazing!! It's just so beautiful, Laura - no wonder you're proud! (pictures are lovely too!)

Everything looks lovely! Really beautiful!

The scarf is awesome! I love the snowscape shots.

The scarf is beautiful! And such a great photo journal of it's creation! :)

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I LOVE this. Do tell, do tell. So did you dye the roving then spin? Or spin then dye? The color changes are what make the scarf. Love it, love it, love it.

Great job! I love your approach to it - makes for a really stunning scarf :) Congratulations - it is very beautiful!

Argosy is absolutely beautiful and I LOVE that scarf!! Well done!

Your Argosy is the best. Hope you sent a pic to the designer. Your dying is fantastic.

This is the nicest Argosy i have seen - the colors are fab - your sister is lucky even if she can't learn to knit in two days!

Over here checking out the scarf -- it's stunning!

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