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January 31, 2007


Well, if I ever start the blog I've been thinking about I'll join, till then I would love to read them all!

Good luck getting your Ring going. I don't seem to see as many Rings listed on blogs as I used to, or maybe I'm just going selectively blind. Anyways, perhaps you can get things fired up out there in that snowy wilderness!

We had a bit of snow today, too.

Can I be an honorary Kansas Knitter?

I was born and raised in Kansas (50 some years) and just a few years ago moved to Florida. Can I still be a member?? I hope so.

Does being a Kansas native count? :) Even though I've lived in North Dakota, California, Georgia, South Carolina & now Illinois I consider myself a Kansas gal. :)

I'm in Kansas with a blog. Sign me up

I know, I have been signed up for membership on that thing forever and have received no response! If you start one, I would LOVE to be in it!

Good luck with the ring. Hope you have lots of people join.

Sucky ringmaster here. You're right - I have pretty much abandoned it [hides head in shame]. If you want, email me and I'll tranfer administrative rights to you, so you don't have to go to all the work to create a new one.

Count me in! I'm in the current one and had no idea it was abandoned!

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