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January 12, 2007


The colours are beautiful. Love it

It's beautiful! Enjoy your visit with your sister. Is she a knitter too?


Ooooh pretty. I like.

Ooooh pretty. I like.

That is TRUE eye candy!! So so pretty!

Absolutely GORGEOUS! We're getting snow (what a shock.) too, but hopefully not so bad. Be careful and have fun with your sister!

Love the scarf!
Beautiful autumn shades. See you on twisted!

Tell your husband to quit staring at us would ya??? :)
Argosy is friggin AWESOME! I'm going to find your sis on her way back home and STEAL IT from her.
ok not really but she's one lucky sis! I'm glad she arrived and hope you have a great weekend together!

Love that scarf!

Here in central Oklahoma we shut everything down about noon. It's going to be a long, cold weekend. Stay warm!!

It's fun when sister visit. I hope you get beautiful snow from the storm (instead of the unhappy kind with power outages etc.). The kind of sh=now you can make everyone go outside and play in is the way to go. Take lots of pictures!

It's beautiful! And hope you are keeping warm, too. I'll be looking forward to the next post with the snow pictures.

This is one of the most beautiful argosy scarfs I have seen. And to think you created this project end to end. Congratulations on a amazing job!

Laura, I love the scarf. Just beautiful! You'll have to show me how you did that! ;-)

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