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January 23, 2007


You know how much I love pink and to see the cutest pink, little faces in blogland just makes my day. Do you think Emeline would pass me a cupcake?

Ahhhh, the beautiful blog babies. Hold on a min Emeline, don't grow up so fast...sigh. May everyone have one thing in their life that delights them as much as this.

I remember those sheets! I must have had them too.

Honey Cakes - so sweet! I think those two little ones are the real Honey Cakes. :)

What's pink? My rods and cones only see blue...enjoy the pretty girlie colors. Also....I soooo remember those sheets!!!

Love all the pink pictures. And pass me a cupcake, too, they look so sweet (the cupcakes and the kids)!

Great pictures. Sweet kids.

I used to have the "Happiness Is" sleeping bag, in red cotton (flannel?) that got sooo soft over the years. I was a huge Peanuts fan.

Keep sending the great pictures. I love the scarf and hat, and not just because they're on your cuties.

I had those sheets! My favorite was Lioness (sp?) with "Happiness is a pillow and a blanket.

I had a little, battered, time-darkened book of "Happiness Is" sayings! I loved that book! Thanks for the reminder!

Honey cakes indeed! You've got two of the sweetest little honey cakes right there. Thanks for the dose of beautiful babies!

"Honey cakes" really put a smile on Emeline's face! Both girls look adorable in their hand knits.

I think your little darlings get cuter with each post. Peanut's sporting pink glitter polish on her toes.

She does look very pleased with herself... doesn't she

Such adorable girls! Enjoy your day!

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