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January 29, 2007


Beautiful scarf! This pattern is in my "will do soon" pile.

Love the scarf. Love the title of the post, too.

That is THE perfect scarf for the red scarf project! And what a great color.

That's turning out really nice!

Great idea! It's beautiful!

Looks like you're going to get it finished in time. Great work on the color and the knitting. I know it will be appreciated.

I love the scarf pattern. I so want to make that. I don't know what the Red Scarf Project is - I am going to follow the link now. Sounds like it must be a good cause.

That really is a lovely scarf!

I'll have to use that pattern myself sometime. And I want to do better next year than just the one scarf I made this year.

Wow, is that PRETTY!!! It's going to be loved, I just know it.


Nagworthy Norma.
My new blog name will be: Now Norma Nags

XOXO <---- just like your scarf!

I never realized the beauty of that pattern until I saw your scarf. I love the colors, I love the pattern and how well they work together. Beautiful!

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