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February 26, 2007


Lila looks like she's reading to you. What a great wrap up of the kids, of your life. You ARE busy!!

Oh those grrls are trouble! Cute trouble..but trouble!

Can't even imagine the chaos around your house. Happy chaos, but chaos none-the-less! Lovely, lovely family Laura!

Your kids are just lovely to read about and see pictures of!

That picture of Emeline going to school in her pajamas almost triggered a panic attack! I've had nightmares of doing that!

These are the days that you will look back on fondly...and then wonder how the heck you managed to do it all! Any dyed rovings yet?

Oh Laura, this post made me laugh, the children are just wonderful and I love your writing! Lila had the book upside down! You have a beautiful family. God Bless, Love Pam

Holy Cow, you've got a lot going on! Darling pics of the kids, especially LP reading. So cute.

What an excellent and full post! Have a great week to you, too!

Glad to see everyone is hanging in there and thriving! Such a better situation than last year at this time, no?

awww I like this update, very cute.
I have to laugh at Katie's self portrait frenzy.
Glad to see everyone is doing well.

Are you going to Estes Park? How great! I would love to go too. Visited there a couple of summers ago in July, so missed the wool market, but loved Rocky Mountain National Park.

Although your knitting, spinning, dying is always a treat for the eyes, I NEVER get tired of seeing picutres of all of your beautiful children. It's been a wonderful treat. Thanks!

Thanks for the fabulous update! I love seeing your happy family and their individuality celebrated on your blog. What a treat.

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