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February 09, 2007


The pink yarn is sooo pretty, and will make a beautiful scarf!!!

your coming along nicely on Miss. S's sweater!
Can't wait to see what its like when I get back.

Gray days can be okay, too. But if I could, I would send you a little bit of our sunshine and 70's. Just for a little treat, ya know.

Great advice at the end of your post! Yay - I heeded your advice yesterday - a great day of walking around Greenlake (in Seattle) enjoying our lovely gray days here (yet it was surprisingly warm), working on my Dulaan hat for Hilltop Yarn and spending an evening out with my hubby! I didn't think too much of it until reading your post and yes, this is the good stuff life is made of. Thanks for the reminder. Your Besotted scarf is absolutely lovely. It will make some lucky kid's (well, grown kid's) day. Woot!

I, too, love the way the pinks and whites and greens line up in your new colorway. And I think this would make fabulous sock colors.

As usual, your little ones - So Cute!!

P.S. Thanks for the tip on the Rit dye. I am always surging for a perfect yet. I love the reds. I am going to pick up some the next time I am at the craft store and try it out.

Is that $16 each? or for $16 for 2 skeins?

That would be an excellent sock colourway - love the sweater. It looks to be coming along quickly too.

You have such a positive outlook! So much to enjoy even on the gray days. Great idea taking the girls out and about 2x a day. It is so true that little ones sleep better after that. When I worked with toddlers outside time was key - even in a stroller. There is just something about being in the fresh air, isn't there?

And it is so good for you too! Congrats on fitting some excercise in. Good on ya!

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