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February 07, 2007


You are so right that "crazy behavior" isn't limited to the mentally ill. Given the right circumstances, anybody can become irrational. And please don't ever worry about expressing your opinion.

Suzannah's new sweater is going to be cute! The yarn color you made looks nice and Spring/Summery.

Also, I'm feeling a bit peckish...we haven't had any cutie-baby pictures lately! :-)

Um, swatch? Wash said swatch? Swatches lie but they have a hint of truth to them.
We should never judge another...we just can't know their mind. It's sad she felt the need to do what she did. Very sad.

The sweater will be great, you should be able to adjust for row gauge.

I'd think you could just measure rather than count rows. Does the pattern have a schematic?

Love the colors. That's going to be so pretty.

Your yarn is fabu! I have heard wonderful things about Kersti, but the colors I've seen it in (in person) have not excited me.

I'm a big Typepad cheerleader, too. They really have very few faults, comparatively.

Oh, I think that sweater will be fabulous! Great colors! I've been a little frustrated with Typepad as well, as they haven't been getting my updates over to bloglines (or maybe that's Bloglines' fault?). But all in all, it's a great host.

Such a cute sweater, and I like how the yarn is working out. I'm tend to be hopeless when it come to gauge issues.

I remember when one of my friends had a son, so many people told her how glad she must be to have a son because girls are so much trouble to raise. She would answer that she'd hope to raise her son in such a manner not to be a problem to anyone's daughter.

What a good answer to a terribly silly thing to say.

We must honor our daughters from the very beginning and teach them to be strong, confident women in spite of what society says. Who knows, we may have fewer incidents of what that astronaut did. Gee whiz, if we see girls as a problem from the beginning what does that say to them?

BTW, she adopted a girl a few years later.

All in all, I like Typepad very much.

That is going to be a truly lovely sweater. I love the colors you chose!

Lovely colors in the yarn. And don't be afraid to express an opinion, anyone of any decency at all won't give you a hard time about it, even if they disagree.

OHHHHH her own custom dyed sweater, lucky girl!!

I always hear people complain about Blogger and I don't understand it, because I don't have problems with my service.

The colors for the sweater are very pretty. I think you can get it to fit by knitting fewer rows.

Watermelon! It's SPRINGTIME!

Eh, just measure. You know how far to go to the armholes and how far to go from the armholes to the top. Sounds like you're in good shape to me!

Amen to 3-5!
I knew what you meant yesterday. You're right though - imagine the responses if you had the level of traffic the YH gets! yipes - your ears would be ringing (or is it eyes when you are reading the comments?)
I love the sweater. That is great. Fantastic colourway. Brilliant idea to use the skein in parts - so simple and so clever. I never would have thought of that. The simplest solutions always evade me. One of the reasons I am so glad to have discovered knitting blogs - I can steal the best ideas and it makes my knitting so much easier and therefore enjoyable.
I haven't really had problems with Blogger but I certainly have read a lot of other peoples problems. Typepad does seem to have some features Blogger doesn't - but it is a funny thing how you can become attached to a provider/server. I really don't know the 1st thing about computers/html jazz so this whole venture is a learning situation for me. I kind of stumbled into it but on the whole I am satisfied and like you couldn't even imagine changing anything.

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