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February 05, 2007


First, your Besotted scarf is soooo pretty!! Just gorgeous!!
Second, I'm glad Katie likes her sweater. I agree that Homespun is yucky to work with, but it made a nice sweater.
Third, I'm bummed that I can't join your ring. Maybe I'll start a "Friends of Kansas Knitters" ring.

You should just keep the scarf for yourself...it's SO pretty. Katie looks very grown up in her new sweater. Nice job on the FOE...you showed it!

Just hang on to the scarf. It will remind you to think about doing more for next January. I have the red yarn I purchased sitting where I can see it all the time, so that I can remember that I want to do more than one last minute scarf for next time. And I think your pronunciation of FOE is right on. By the way, come on over to the blog and see my newly refurbished wheel. I let it sit collecting dust for way too long!

That scarf is one gorgeous EFF OH! Snow... what a dream for us. It was 91 yesterday, our weather can't decide what it's doing, but I can be sure it's never gonna snow!

The scarf and sweater are both great. I say keep the scarf for you and make something else for next year.

Ooooh, I'm "besotted" with that beautiful scarf!

Both EF OHs look fab! Maybe there is another charity that can use the scarf? Hope you are staying warm too. It is below freezing here!

That was the first sweater I ever made! Katie and I can be twins (except mine is in awful sea-foam green and hers is a nice color).

Besotted is beautiful! Someone will really love it.

I love your scarf. I'm sure next year's recipeient will feel all kinds of loved when wearing it. Katie's sweater is also beautiful!


Lovely Eff Ohs. That scarf, I am totally going to have to make one.

I do not know where my head is at - after weeks of anticipation this is like the 3rd time I have said "oh yeah, it is this week". It might be better for you, interruption-wise, that Lost is on at 10 now. I'm a little sad about that change 'cause that is generally my blogging time but hey, at least it is back - and isn't it going to be new episodes every week until the season is finished? yeeha!

PS - Guess you are not a football sidekick afterall :-D

That scarf is fanTABUlous!

Me too on the FOE or EFF OE. I don't know what people say. I don't catch on to this online shorthand very fast. I still think "designated hitter" every time someone writes DH in their blog. Drives me batty!

Hurry! Get Season 2. You can't be watching the MIDDLE of Season 3 when you haven't even watched Season 2 yet! I started in the middle of Season 2 when I was also watching the rented Season 1s, and I was going CRAZY with the timeline, etc.

I got Season 1 for Christmas a year or two ago, it's never been opened. I had started watching it when it premiered but child/husband interruptions completely got me off track. I may have to bust it open this weekend while Peanut's away.

The scarf, sweater and daughter are all lovely. Really, great job. :)

Only one more day for Lost! My son was concerned that it wouldn't air because he hasn't seen any commercials for it; I guess we don't normally watch ABC. I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!!!! :o)

The scarf is gorgeous!! I love the sweater but I'm with you on the homespun. It's torture to knit with. And half of LB's patterns seem to be in this yarn. Ugh. But I bet the sweater is really soft and warm.

How in the world did I miss this post the other day? Love the scarf and the sweater!

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