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February 06, 2007


Oh Laura you are so, so right! We should ALL treat each other with love and respect. Thanks for the link;-)

If we all as Margene said " Treated others with love and respect" think how much better this world would be to live in!
hhehe glad you agree Moose is part of YOUR list :)

What the HECK?! that is crazy.

Some folks say that living a moral, virtuous life is out of date. But if people did live and treat each other with a real sense of kindness and rightness and live their lives in an upright manner, this sort of thing probably wouldn't happen, or at least no where near as much. Everyone may not agree with me but that's how I think, anyways.

As I was reading I was thinking okay, your husband, brother and son. And I was thinking to myself that Dale and Smith should be on the list, too. And then you read my mind!

Umm..okay, maybe all the details haven't come out yet, but could somebody explain to me what the man has done other than be the target of a psycho stalker-woman...

Some men have done incredibly terrible things to women that cannot be ignored, but I do need to know more about this particular sitsuation before I can say that a man had something to do with her actions.

She did a horrible thing to another person that she needs to own up to regardless of whant any man has done.

Anytime anyone (male or female) plots to harm another, they are responsible for their actions and delusions. I wonder if the male in question even knew they had a "relationship". She stated the relationship "was more than working but less than romantic"...either you are or aren't. And she is married, he is not. Plus, he wasn't the one who stalked someone with a knife,mallet and garbage bags....If the intended victim was my daughter, I would definitely not be even remotely sympathetic. I'm not trying to be heartless, I know how crazy people get when they think they are "connected" to someone---I just think she has to take complete blame for this. If she is not happy at home, she had the ability to leave. Now her children will be teased and she is going to be away from them, not to mention if hubby seeks a divorce, he has pretty good standing to prevent her from seeing them. Everybody loses.

delurking, 'cause i admire you, to say, women should treat men better too, it is so not a one way street, and this from a woman (me)who thinks her husband is not an entirely nice person, so . . .

You said "There ARE more stories like this but the women aren't astronauts!"
Well if they were married to Jackie Gleason ( Ralph) They'd be going to the moon without having to be an astronaut! Just had to add a smile :)

Of course we know (ha, I can't believe I typo'd "knit" for "know") that there must be more to this story. Much, much more. Having worked my entire career in and around the courts, I know the press only gets it right about 0 percent of the time. Of course I am exaggerating, but not by much. It is awfully bizarre, I know that, and certainly horrible for the victim, whatever is the truth.

I haven't read the story yet - though I did see the headlines.
I have to agree with you - men do need to treat women much better than they do. Everywhere. Maybe we should start with training families to actually want their daughters at birth for goodness sake!
Just to add to your list I have a brother, 2 uncles and a cousin who are gentlemen disguised as regular men - too bad my father didn't have any role models worth emulating, maybe he would have had a different life. (as a child I mean)

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