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March 17, 2007


awww what a cute picture of emeline in her lovely sun dress. The poor girl would freeze to death if she had that on here. We just had a snow storm friday night. your wee tiny sock is super cute, can't wait to see what you get in return.
Good luck with the knitting classes, i'm sure you'll be a pro!

Awww indeed!

Love the wee tiny socks! I got an inordinate amount of pleasure from knitting mine! Now I want to knit one out of each of my left over sock yarns. And I'm mailing mine two days late, so you are out of the basement!

Cute pictures, as usual! Good luck with the knitting classes, I'm sure you'd be great!

Sweet sock and babies! I hope you sent that wee tiny skein along with it - you know, for darning.

That is really cool about teaching classes! And Lion Brand makes some nice yarns, so I don't think it will be too hideous! Our Michael's has also started carrying wooden needles which is so much happier to teach on than the metal ones. Let me know if you talk them into carrying sock yarn and dpns... If I lived closer, I would come and learn to knit again from you. :D

The grrls look so cute in their summer attire! Your we sock looks like the roving I just spun and started a sock for myself! Good luck with teaching classes, that's a super good thing to do.

Of course they will BEG you to teach classes. I agree with Emily- if I lived closer I would be first in line! If you could be the one to teach me to knit, well, my life would be all the better. Those girls...they are so beautiful.

Great pictures of the kidlets. You'll be wonderful as a teacher!

After teaching (adults) for -- 25 years? eek! -- I still get nervous before the first time with a new group. But it usually turns out fine. Fingers crossed for you! (And if you have some spare warm spring weather, can you send it over, please??)

*I* would surely take your class just to sit and chat with you. :) Love the photos of the girls.

I love seeing your little girls get loopy on the porch. Children really know how to have fun. What a joy!

You'll make a great knitting teacher. Hope you get the job.

Thanks for pointing out the sky - I wasn't likely to see it with the adorable toddler in her Spring Sunshine dress!
I LOVE the picture of Lila Pearl reading with her baby. That is too precious. Nice to see you are enjoying your little break - just the thought of cooking for 7! How do you find the time for all the things you accomplish?! You are amazing.
Oh I cannot wait for that merino - silk blend. I am so excited about that.
That is great news about Michael's! You will be a fantastic teacher - you are clearly a patient woman - come on. Mother to 5. Say no more.
Keep us posted.

Such beautiful babies!

Teaching adults to knit does take patience. You'll be amazed at how much you take for granted. It's the best job I've had in a long time, though. Very rewarding.

I'm sure every Michael's is different and hope you are treated better than I was when I brought my application in. THEY asked ME to fill it out, acted all happy I was going to, too. Then, when I came back in, the same gal looked at me as if I were a bug. Go figure. I hate filling out applications and LOVE teaching for the library system exclusively, so I didn't feel the need to teach at Michaels.

I could probably take that exact same picture of my daughter that you took of Lila, right down to the sweet curls at the nape of the neck and the baby doll being held by the neck. That's the doll that's baby powder scented and comes with a little sleep sack type blanket, isn't it?

Adorable little ones! Looked like a wonderful Saturday!

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