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April 20, 2007


I've made spinach like that and it's delicious - and even better with a little garlic thrown in.

The spinach looks good! I'll have to try it - I like to saute spinach and mushrooms with pasta, mmm.

hummm can't say I like spinach but Jeff and I sure do have things in common, prime rib and Frank Sinatra ohhhhh yeah :) Have a good weekend girl!

That looks so freaking delicious! It's about lunch time over here...

I love fried spinach too - although my mom always called it "wilted spinach". She basically made it the same way you do except she used bacon grease. YUM. She would also make chard this way. She would even do green garden lettuce, but instead of putting it in the pan she would fry bacon and then pour the grease over the lettuce. It is more delicate than the spinach or chard so that hot bacon grease would practically fry it. I'm getting hungrier by the second! Oh, yeah, I make mine olive oil - I'll have to try butter. Sounds yummy!

We saute spinach with a little red wine vinegar and fresh garlic, then sprinkle roasted, crushed peanuts on top, it's great! You're right, you have to make a ton because it cooks down so much.

I've started using fitday.com to keep track of what I'm eating and my exercise, you might want to check it out if your site continues being wonky.

Cut it out, y'all, I'm getting seriously hungry and it's almost 10:30 p.m. where I am! :) Haven't had wilted spinach in awhile, it's definitely going on the menu soon.

(My son loves creamed spinach with spaghetti. He can have all of mine. Fresh, freshly cooked, or in quiche is all I can handle.)

Wilted spinach, as above, is the way we often go. I love spinach, too. We also wilt lettuce and cabbage in pretty much the same way. Cabbage and pierogies is the best quick dinner around. Stop making me hungry. And I'm still busy spinning every chance I get.

That'ss too funny. I had fried spinach yesterday too. Although, mine was made with a teaspoon of sesame oil, 1 tsp sesame seeds, a dash of salt and a sprinkle of red pepper. Quite yummy actually.

When you're counting fat grams (like me), butter is definitely not on the menu and neither is ham for that matter. Sure looks good though.

Vive la spinach! I agree with Carole -- with garlic it's even better. And I use a combo of olive oil and butter for the fat. Yum!

The veggies I love that no one else seems to (at least in my family are brussel sprouts. But some of those spinach recipes sound delish!

Is your daughter feeling better?

Spinach is the the best...I ate it as a child as well, and I felt a bit unusual that I would like it, when every other kid I knew hated it! In fact, my Uncle's nickname for me was Popeye! We would prepare it with just a bit of vinegar over the top when served. I want some now!

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