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April 27, 2007


I've never been choked up by the yarn I've spun, but it isn't as pretty as yours. My own homespun is my favorite to knit with though. It adds something to the whole experience, so I can relate.

You made dandelions look beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend.

Awwwww! It's nice that Emeline is still at the age where she doesn't realize that the pretty flowers she picked for Daddy are actually the target of a multi-million dollar industry focused on eliminating them. Even I think a field full of Dandy Lions is as beautiful as a field of Daisies! Does it help to think of your yarn like those baby birds? Right now they are cute in their own way, but in a ittle while they will be absolutely stunning.

Note: In my comment above I did not mean to say "...in a ittle while..." It was supposed to say "... in a little while...". That's how we adults speak. ;-)

Birds nested in a planter on my porch once but I didn't know it and watered the plant, knocking a baby bird out of the nest! I went to get my son out of his car seat so he could see the baby bird and together we rescued it. He still remembers it!

Your yarn will be beautiful. Take deep breaths and forge ahead!

LOVE the flowers on the windowsill! And the spinning (plying) looks good, too! Wish you luck today with the dyeing.

Putting a tattoo on a new baby! That made me laugh out loud. I used to put the fake decal tattoos on hte boys when they were about two. Your spinning is lovely. Have a great weekend!

Your spinning is lovely. You have every right to be a proud fiber mama.

THe yarn is lovely, and I can imagine that when you create such a thing, which comes from your hands and your head, it is delightful to see the finished yarn. Isn't it wonderful to find the newly hatched babies?

ohhh I remember the nest! Glad you let Emeline in on the action this time :)
Your hand spun is absolutely gorgeous, so even! Well done girl, well done!
Have a great weekend with hubby dubby.

Squeeze and snuffle and enjoy your baby yarns! They're just beautiful. You're becoming a very accomplished spinner, m'dear.

Do consider carefully how you plan to dye the yarn...remember my neon pink/green/yellow sock yarn that probably should have been something a little more subdued and may still wind up being overdyed...


Oh, the sweet baby birds! I had to smile at the dandelion bouquet. I can remember picking them for my mom when I was about her age. She still has the vase she'd put them in on her kitchen sink...

Those baby birds! How precious. A daycare I worked at before had a nest of Stellar Jays right outside the window. It was incredible how quickly the babies grew. Wait until they start learning to fly - it is surprising how nerve wracking it is to watch.
Your yarn looks excellent!
I love that you took pictures of your daughter's 'flowers'. It is a nice reminder to view things differently - children see things as they are without the bind of labels. I just spent an afternoon digging up those 'flowers' and tossing them in the trash!

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