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April 17, 2007


Really cute - I love the swirly ribs! What is wrong with Katie? Who ever heard of being offered a day off from school and not taking advantage of it?! ;-) Glad to hear her arm is better!

I'm glad to hear that Katie is doing better. The yarn/pattern makes a great combo!

There is a stomach bug making the rounds right now. (Don't ask me how I know.) Hope Katie keeps feeling better.

Oh, cute socks! Love the way you dyed the colors! Glad Katie is feeling better and the arm is going to be fine too!

That's a great pattern to use on that yarn! I have some black sock yarn that I've been trying to figure out what to knit and now I have an idea. Thanks. Poor Katie. I hope she feels better.

Haha, I remember Mr. Honsowitz! I would have stayed home too :)

I know it didn't turn out the way you wanted it too but I still really like it. The pattern you chose for the socks just sets it off!

I love that yarn's dye job! If you reconsider dyeing more, send me an email! I would buy a skein!

Your daughter is a super trooper. I definitely would have stayed home all day.

Nice dye job!

Your sock looks wonderful. I have to find the right yarn for that pattern.

I don't know what you imagined, but I love the striping like that. It works perfectly with that stitch pattern. Sounds like I need to try some silk blend sock yarn.

I love the dye job! The little stripes of yellow in there are very cool - and work well with the pattern I think.

I'm knitting RPM right now, too. It's a lot of fun. I'm totally intrigued by your stripes. The light-colored stripes aren't long enough for a whole round. That's a really cool effect!

Oh, the yarn turned out so well :) It looks much nicer as an RPM than the yarn I'm using!

I love the socks! And I think the striping is cool.
btw - is this the sock base you were waiting for to make more of the charcoal? If it is...can I submit an order? :-D

Katie - holy moly. I would never even consider going to school a halfday after being sick! What a gal.

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