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April 14, 2007


Definitely a great pic for your instructor bio! Good luck with this new endeavor. :)

I definitely would take a knitting class from that picture! It's a great picture and shows how friendly and warm you are...good assets for a teacher!

Most definatley! Thats waaaayyy better than the mug shots they have up at work hehehe
That Katie's a good little photographer isn't she.

That's a great photo! And since I know your a great knitter, I'm betting your class will be well attended. Hope Katie is on the mend soon!

I would absolutely take a knitting class from that person. Who is she? ;-)

That's a great picture. You look happy and relaxed...good qualities in a teacher.

I love the picture!! You'll be a wonderful teacher. You're so patient and caring. Plus, you KNOW knitting.

Great photo!

~prayers~..on the way for Katie

What kind of classes and the Michael's on east Kellogg? That's great!

That's an excellent picture! And so nice to know what you look like 0 isn't it amazing how you can get to know a person without actually seeing them?
Sorry to hear about Katie's arm. Yipes.

I love that photo! It definitely emits a "friendly & casual" persona. Definitely the type of person you want teaching your class.

Inspired by Emmeline, I let Peanut watch one of the Harry Potter movies over the weekend. She just kept saying, "That's a mean guy, Mama."

I'd love to take a class from that instructor! :D The way she's smiling, you know she'd be fun to learn from.

Isn't it funny what weight number you thought was fat when you were a teen? I told my Mom the other day, "You were supposed to shoot me thirty pounds ago." Good thing she didn't.

Oh, and after having just one kid, the weight never wanted to leave, I can't imaging how stubborn it'd be after FIVE. You're a strong-minded gal, I'm positive you can reach any goal you choose.

That is just a darling picture of you! Could Katie be experiencing growing pains? I remember have aches and pains in my arms and legs when I was about her age...

Looking forward to Estes Park, woo hoo!

You are beautiful! I have to comment on your most recent post, but wanted to get this short one up before Madelyn wakes again. She's just starting to teeth (4 months, not cutting yet, just feeling them) and my uninterrupted time is slim to none! :) That's a great picture to use for your bio.

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