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April 25, 2007


hahaha Poor Emeline with a bad ol mummy making her take that medication. Applesace would have never worked for me, I would have rather taken the meds along without that vile sauce hehe Glad you got her taking it though. Now $111 antibiotic???? Is your doctor on crack?????? Your singles look sooo yummy, have no fear of dyeing it will come out A1, like always :)

The yarn DOES look like beautiful ice cream. (I'm in the eating-all-the-time stage now!) So glad you finally got something to work with the meds!

Whew! Glad you found something less stressful (for everyone concerned) that works with the medication.

Nice balls. :)

I don't know what antibiotic she's on, but around here, the big chains are dispensing the more common ones for free now. It's great! Amoxicillin and several others are free at Meijer, and I think it's $4 at some of the other chains.

I'm glad you found a solution, at any rate! :-)

Makes you appreciate insurance, doesn't it? I know exactly what you mean about being afraid to dye the yarn. You know it's going to be a surprise when you dye fiber and spin it, so you're expecting that it may not be exactly what you're aiming for. I think my expectations would be higher when dyeing yarn. I don't know, I haven't tried it yet. I'm glad you're going first. ;o)

Applesauce! What a great idea :). I'm glad it worked!

And that yarn is beautiful. Have fun dyeing it.

Ooooo, lovely yummy vanilla-ie balls of goodness! Thank goodness that Emeline will eat applesauce!!

I'm with Kelly, I would have been screaming about being made to eat applesauce! Icky-yucky! But, I'm glad it worked for Emeline and I hope she's feeling better. I've become prone to ear infections the last 5 years or so and I don't know how the little ones can stand the pain. It's like someone stabbing me in the ear with an ice pick. What "flavor" is your 3-ply yarn going to be?

I had to chuckle at the applesauce story because I can so relate! I bet you were holding your breath while she was eating the applesauce, hoping she wouldn't notice!

Those yarn balls look beautiful just as they are. I can't wait to see how they look all plied and dyed.

If she catches on to the applesauce thing, you can mix the medicine in ice cream, too! Maybe you might want to vary it - applesauce one day/ice cream the next!


I'm glad you found a way she will take her medicine. What a relief for you.

OMG! Isn't the price of meds ludicrous?! There is no way on earth it costs that much to make - and if it does, time to find a new recipe scientists!
So glad to hear the applesauce trick worked. I am going to rememeber that one.

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