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April 19, 2007


OOoooh, goody, more contests! Congratulations on 300 and hope Emeline is doing better.

I hope your little one is feeling better. What a drag - for both of you!

That picture in the background of the photos of Emeline is really cool! Is it an ancestor?

Thanks for the advice on the 3/9s. ~ w.

I hope Emeline feels better soon, for your sake and hers.

I love how the sock is turning out, so cute!

Love the colour on the Hufflepuff sock.

awwww poor Emeline!
Hopefully she's done with the worst of it. Thats soo funny that you fell asleep I wonder how long you were actually asleep for hehehe
Loving the sock, it looks fab, it will be interesting to see what the heel brings though.
Hey my last morning shift is today I guess, I get to sleep in again YIPEEE!!

Oh, I love it when little kids sit down next to me and ask me what I'm doing! Maybe when he's in college he'll go wandering through a craft store for a frat project, see the yarn section and think of you as he fondles his first skein of sock yarn. There will be no turning back!

Hope Emeline is feeling better and you both gets some rest.

When my boys were little ones, our pediatrician would recommend the BRAT diet for vomiting/diarrhea - Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast (B-R-A-T). It seemed to help. Also, de-fizzed gingerale.

I'd get both girls to the doctor today just because it's Friday. Of course, the problem with that is always wondering what they'll catch while they are there! Hope everyone is back on track soon.

Poor Emmeline. We had a touch of that here this weekend. Peanut had her "episode" in the middle of an insanely busy zoo food court. Ah, motherhood.

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