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April 23, 2007


OMG, that is no good! She's got to have her medicine! I don't envy you - I think I'd rather hold down my ferocious cat and give him an elephant pill than struggle with a toddler!

We had the same shenanigans with my son, and it seemed like he had ear infections with every cold and allergy season. I finally got them to give me the "banana" flavored chewables and he took those. Or I could mush them up into applesauce. Or whatever. Sheesh. And they have to take them, you know?! Good luck, Laura!

I am such a doofus! I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on losing 3.5 pounds!!!!!!! Woot!

Yay for the weightloss, that is awesome!!

My oldest (now 10) was the worst at taking medicine! We would have to pin her down and shove it in her mouth, squeeze her mouth shut and cover her mouth until she swallowed. It was horrible! Luckily, for both of us, she rarely got sick.

When my daughter was 3 she got a really bad kidney infection. Her fever was so high and after a week of medicine, her stomach could no longer keep any of the meds down. It was from that experience that I learned they have tylenol and I believe motrin in a suppository form. I hope your baby is better soon!

Congrats on the weight loss, that's fabulous! I hope the new medicine is working.

First off, My sympathies on the non med taking child. SOmetimes they do that to you. I have absolutely no ideas on how to get her to take it, but my prayers are with you, LOL.

Congratulations on the weight loss. I just wanted to give you a couple of sites. The first is hungry-girl.com. Lots of good ideas there. The second is www.healthdiscovery.com This is a weight watchers based site, where you can get a lot of tips on staying on your diet, diet recipes, etc. Most of it is based on weight watchers, but a lot of people there are doing weight watchers without actually being on the program. Personally though, even though we are strapped for cash, I go to meetings. It helps me stay on program, and the support you get there is phenomenal. I have lost 56 lbs. on Weight Watchers since October, and it makes you feel great. Last but not least, try sparkpeople.com They have a food diary, excercise plans, message boards, recipes and lots of articles on health and nutrition that will help you make good food choices and stay on track!

Sorry so long, and hope this helps.

Sorry, Laura, it's healthdiscovery.net, not .com. SHould have checked before I hit post.

Here's a couple of good links for diet/exercise/eating right/heart health:


A few others that have alot of tips as well as forms you can print out


Hope those help. My favortie, of course, is the American Heart Association. :o) Never in a million years did the thought I'd have a heart attack at my age even enter my thoughts! Take care of your hearts now, cause later might be too late.

Walking every day is the best thing you can do, to lose weight and for your heart. As we get older we forget to move, and moving is what our hearts need.

I'll get off my soapbox now, but good luck to everyone and yes, you can do it!

Sheri in GA (down 20 pounds since November 27th and about 9 more to go)

Hope you can work out the medicine issue. I don't envy you one bit. But this too shall pass...

Hi Laura - came by to say thanks for the comment on my Argosy - yours is gorgeous- great colors! Good luck with your hunt for a menu plan - and hoping your daughters are feeling better...

Good luck on the weight loss. My tip: Eat dinner on a salad plate. Seriously. Even though you know it's a trick of the eye and even though you are convinced it will not fool you into thinking you're having a huge plate of food--it works! Eat a meal on a salad plate and eat slow and hot damn you'll be full when it's empty. Even though you're too smart to fall for such a trick.

You're doing great!

You did great on your weight loss this week! I hope Emeline will like the taste of the new medicine better.

Bribery always worked for us with medicine. M&M's can work wonders or a box of markers where you get one marker for every dose. Of course some little ones are bribe resistant. Is it possible to not tell her it's medicine? Pretend your giving some to all the older kids so she'll want some too? Good luck and that suppository idea was a good one too!

3.5 lbs?! Gah! It takes me a stinkin' month to lose that much! Right after this, I'm walking around the neighborhood. You've inspired me. I'm on at www.sparkpeople.com, which has meal plans and shopping lists, too. I love that. Also, the www.realage.com website has extremely simple meal plans and shopping lists, as well. I'll cut and paste the lists into Word, prefix with the department, then sort. Like milk gets the title, Dairy 2% Milk. (Skim is just nasty no matter how we try to get used to it.) Then, with a printed list, I'm armed and ready. A lot of the stuff, like olive oil, I don't need every week I go, so it's crossed off before I leave the house. No shopping when hungry and stick to the list.

We've had to resort to bribes and logic to get Fry to take meds as a Small Fry. If one didn't work, the other did.

Congrats!! I just started Weight Watchers in an at work program. This was is week 1, so I'm curious to see how it goes!

Another great webiste is sparkpeople.com, they do give you menus and lists, and even a plan for exercise. And it's free!!

Congrats on your weight loss and your determination. Very inspiring. Oh, the poor Sugarbunny Family! Duncan had something like 11 ear infections before he was a year old. Some antibiotics he would take, no problem and others- NO WAY. Our pediatrician suggested mixing it with chocolate syrup. Not the healthiest, but effective. Good luck!

Woot! Congratulations definitely are in order - plan or no plan. :)Keep up the great work!!

And hopefully the little ones are on the mend.

Oh that's awful - I am just putting this out there...is it possible she is allergic to the antibiotics? That might be why she is so resistant. Just wondering.

Whooo Hooo! Great loss lady! That is fantastic. What a fantastic week you had. Thanks for all the encouragement you have shared too.

I can add another site: PeerTrainer - they have ways to map your excercise etc.
There are a lot of sites I want to check out - thanks everyone.

My next WI is tomorrow night. I will post then.

Nice going on the 3.5 pounds!

I used to tell my son (who was fussy about meds) that if he didn't take his meds, he may have to go back to the Dr. and get his meds in shot form.
After that really happened once, he decided he'd take his meds from then on. It was sooooo cool when he got old enough to take things in pill form so he didn't have to worry about taste!

Yeah for the loss!!

I am so sorry about the girlies. That's just no fun at all. We had a heck of a time getting Peanut to take her daily Zantac dose. That was some nasty stuff, though. Good luck with the strawberry flavored meds!

Way to go, Laura! I updated today.

Hope the girls are feeling better. The boys have already been through one cold together in the 5 weeks since Little Baby has been here.

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