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April 30, 2007


Yay for the weight loss!

"guilt balls"? I'll have to use that! Congrats on 4.5! My sister recommended Spark People to me too, so I may go see what all the hoopla is about!

I like the singing at church , too. Great job on the weight loss.

What the??

I go away for a weekend and look at how insanely busy you've been - church visit, lots of knitting, out to dinner and fabu weight loss! I can't believe you even had time to post, but congrats on all your progress!!

Congrats, congrats, CONGRATS! You're doing spectacularly!

I got totally sideswiped...injured myself, had to stop working out for almost two weeks, that caused sleep issues to reappear, been up until 2:30am every night and have gained 4.8 pounds without changing my diet or eating junk. :::sigh::: It never ends.

However, the back's been officially declared to be ready to start exercising again, a new medication has been prescribed (jury's out still on this one) and I plan to force myself back to bed at a reasonable time. Hopefully the weight gain setback will be shortlived and I'll get on track again.

I appreciate what you're doing because even though I'm not officially signed up, I'm following along and being SO encouraged by y'all.

So, sweetie, WAY TO GO! You're a motivation to me and a whole bunch of others. (C'mon y'all...delurk and let her know that you're following along too...)


Doesn't it feel good to be eating healthier? No guilt balls in that area. Cheering you on!

Congratulations on your continued success!

Hi! I'm your sockapalooza 4 sockpal! Just thought I would pop in to let you know that I'm here and I found your blog and I'm reading up on you! :)

P.S. Me again. Mrs Whatsit is an identity I made up for the purpose of being in contact with you. It's much more interesting than "Anonymous". But I don't use it anywhere else. And congratulations on your weight loss and for taking control of your diet! Okay, over and out.

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