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May 31, 2007


Hello Laura! Your neighborhood definitely comes ALIVE with your written expressions...I can almost smell the freshly cut lawns...
Thanks again for the "plug"! We have so much NEED and room for any and all that love to help out! :o)

I will be making that trip to the PO tomorrow...I may need a "wheel barrel" to get it all out of my house to the car! SSSHhhh...no more hints!
I wonder how many pounds your postal carrier can "bench press?"

Have a great time with the kids before they leave!

Hmmm...driving must be different in KS. Here, they have to take the driving and the written class before they get a driving permit. THEN they have to practice a zillion hours or something before they apply for a license.

Hope things are good for you over the summer!

We will be making a trip for my oldest to get his learner's permit next week. The thought of teaching him how to drive overwhelms me!

I'm sure you'll miss the big kids but it will make things simpler, too. And it will be all the sweeter when they come home!

Mmmm that is what it was like here yesterday while I was riding to work. Freshly mown lawns and all. Lovely isn't it?

I am so glad that Grandy's Memorial was a time to celebrate the man he was - and how wonderful that your little ones had a good day, it can be unpredictable with toddler types but yours appear to have more than a touch of angel in them.

Are your big kids gone for the entire summer? That is a loooonnng stretch!

Benny - congratulations! Way to go - acing the test is awesome work.

Mom - I think I know what you mean. I was 27 when my dear cousin got her license and I was a nervous wreck driving with her. I am a pretty laid back passenger, and she is a good driver. But it is so different to be with an inexperienced driver that is so precious to you. My brain could not stop running through all of the little precautions/what if's you automatically do as a driver that people just starting out don't have yet. The experience left me in a little bit of awe as to the real work parents do all of the time. You're amazing people!

Look at those squares! Everytime I visit here I curse my WIP's and my growing list of wanna-do projects and feel the itch to make another square. The endless colourways and embellishments are great to see.

Have a good night with your family! Enjoy your pizza.

Woohoo, my squares made it to you! I have another two done, so once I get some more they'll be on their way to you. I was in a three-week class, and my teacher allowed me to knit in class (love him!) so my classmates were always interested in what colors/patterns I was doing - I should have some pretty Noro Kureyon squares in the next batch, and some more SWS... :)

Wow that is an amazing # of squares you are getting almost daily! That is really wonderful to see how many people care. So one next questions would be who is going to help you assemble these babies? A neighborhood outreach perhaps?

Your summer holidays start a lot sooner than ours probably because we just are having warm days now and we still freeze some nights. My younger kids still have a month. Enjoy your summer and I am sure you will miss your kids.

I have trouble with Ontario, CA too. I wonder if it's because MI borders Ontario?

Two weeks from today...just sayin' ;-)

Having another driver in the family will be a blessing, just wait and see.

Are you running out of space for all the squares? You must have a mountain of them by now. So exciting!

You're going to have a busy summer, big kids, or not, with all those squares! My mom came to visit last weekend and brought a bag full of squares she swears I made back in the 80s, they're bigger than 8" but I'm sending them to you anyway in hopes that you can use them!

Sounds like it was a beautiful send off for your father in law, that so wonderful... and congrats on all the squares you are collecting, people come together and do some most amazing things...

Grandy's memorial sounds like it was wonderful and sweet.

Yay, for Benny! And Yay for hundreds of squares!

The turnout for your aquares have been awesome. I know you are excited about getting them from so many different places. I am sure you will more than meet your quota very fast. God bless you in completing this wonderful project.

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