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May 04, 2007


lol--i'd be commenting even if you weren't having a contest to tell you how cute all those squares are! i REALLY need to learn to crochet.

Good for you! I feel like I'm treading water too, but I'm sticking with it over the weekend and will see how Monday's weights and measurements come out. Just remember that it didn't come on overnight and it's not going to come off overnight either!

LOVE the squares! It's going to be a really cute bag!

I want this tote bag kit. Really.

I'm really curious about your kits since I have a feeling I'm going to make more than one bag. I love the yarn you are using.

I'm in love with your colors!

What a great gift! You're so generous and someone will be lucky;-)

Don't be too hard on yourself. We all slip a bit. I haven't lost one lb this week at all:-(

If I win please give the bag to the next person;-)

I love the squares, and I'm giggling at all the margene comments... Hehehehe...

This is the second Eye Candy Friday in a row without pictures of Emeline or Lila. Just thought I'd remind you.

The squares are delicious, Laura! And, just so you know, if Margene or I win the contest, we don't need no stinking bag kit...you can send us something different.

Like some of your beautiful yarn.

Or any cookies you want to get rid of.

Or cash.

Daddy is right;-)

Oh and you can bring my prize to Estes;-)

So...now I'm interested n crochet - thanks...just ONE more thing for me to conquer ;)

Hello hello! I may have to convert religions if I win the prize. heh heh....

Great squares, love those colors!

*gasps* ohhh laura the colours really are beautiful!! I absolutely love it. Make sure you tell Katie to hide it come August cause it may make its way back in the truck with me.
Ooohhhhhhh beautiful beautiful!

i could teach kristi to crochet but then she have to give me the kit if she wins!
margene, what a lovely generous woman you are. i, on the other hand, will send good thoughts to everyone who enters but would really like to win it.
blessings to you, laurie, for having the contest w/ such a great prize.
i agree w/ daddy...........where are those babes?

Sounds like my boys - what one does the other must do as well. Seems even as teenagers this drive is still very strong in them.

Your squares are wonderful! I am going to be tempted to make another of these in wool, I think, maybe changing up the colors for something more fall-like (or "sepia" -- Lynne liked that "colorway" in the pictures I posted -- it would be cool). The CAL (so weird not to be a KAL) seems like it'll be loose and fun, just the way I like 'em.

Oh Laura the squares are tremendously beautiful, I need to find me a crochet tutor, quickly!

I'm going to blog about falling off the weight loss wagon this week too. Ugh. I've not been paying attention to what goes in my mouth and have been sitting on my butt.

Here's to next week going better for both of us!!

I'm glad your babies are feeling better! Are the ear infections now a thing of the past? The girls will love drawing contest names!

Your squares are so gorgeous with your hand-dyed yarns! It's the prettiest one I've seen!

Nice post for eye-candy Friday. I love the super-close ups of the squares - they are gorgeous! Good luck at school, Teach. I'm sure once word gets out about how fabulous your class is, you'll be turning them away in droves!

I'm starting to feel the urge to learn to crochet.

Those yarns are really lovely -- so pretty to see them all together in combination! I swore off granny squares years ago, but....they're so darned pretty!

The squares are just amazing. If I ever get the chance, I need to make that bag :)

OH! I forgot: Good luck at class!

I'm sure you'll be great!!

Wow! How very exciting! I can't wait to see who the lucky winner is:)
Now you know I will be posting every day! I WANT ONE of those bags! This is the project that will get me to cross over tot he dark side heeheee.....

Fabulous squares! Such pretty colors - I may have to find my hooks and try these out :)

I love contests! But I was already going to say: I agree that sleep is important for dieting. I always find that if I feel bad - tired, cranky - I know I will feel better if I eat, and even better if it's bad-for-you foods like ice cream or french fries. So sleep is important!

If Margene wins the bag I'll take it for her. Someone has to step up and do their duty.

If Margene wins the bag I'll take it for her. Someone has to step up and do their duty.

Gorgeous gorgeous crocheted squares- i would love to win he contest but better pu down the bag knitting and learn to crochet!

yea, yea... for a tote bag!!

Those squares are absolutely gorgeous!Just have to comment to see if i can win me some!hehe.Keep up the good work, I love your blod (sorry I'm a real lurker most of the time)

Those squares are absolutely gorgeous!Just have to comment to see if i can win me some!hehe.Keep up the good work, I love your blog (sorry I'm a real lurker most of the time)

Even though I don't crochet, I'd love to win the kit. I'd give it to my daughter who would be absolutely thrilled with it.

It's hard to be disciplined about food all the time. However, the longer you are on your meal plan the easier it will become. This is just a minor setback. I like your attitude.

Whoa! Look at all those comments! Hmmmm...note to self, host more contests... :-D
I love the squares - they do look like the sun. They are so cheerful
I am glad you are thinking of both wee ones - you can't have just one pull a name! We just did a name drawing, letting our Preschoolers draw names - there was only one winner,(contest was for a different program) but the name drawing carried on until there were no more slips. Can't leave any little people out!
Your lace class actually sounds ideal - for the student. How better to learn to knit lace then one-on-one instruction? Fantastic.
Let us know how it goes.

Whoops - didn't even respond to your other section - sorry.
Hey - we all fall off the health wagon. A little joyride now and again is ok. The important thing is that we do what you have done - readjust and get back on track.
Post as often as you need to - midweek, day before, day after. We are here for you each day. Because lady - this can be a daily battle! I *hear* that the longer you do it, the easier it gets. Or I've read that 6 weeks equals a new habit/lifestyle? So look at that 4 weeks to go!

This is such a neat bag you are working on!
I love it. I'm trying to do a granny square
blanket right now and I cant' get the thing
to look right (ie: the squares look like, um, some other shape)
Ugh. I'm very envious of your
beautiful squares :)

Wow! Those look even better close up. I'm impressed. This is one of the projects out there that has really caught my eye (your version at least!) so I'm looking forward to seeing the FO.

Wow i love these squares and the colors awesome job
how many have you made? what size is your afghan going to be
hugs kat

Beautiful squares. I got hooked too! I'm blaming it all on Margene :)!

Interesting. With my birthday on the 3rd, you know someone with a birthday May 3rd, 4th and 5th! We're good people to know. :) The squares are beautiful, Laura!!

Just thought this was a great idea I think I will have something like this when I get my blog up and running. I love the bag and the colors that you have picked! What's it going to hold? Karen

Oh, those squares are so much prettier than normal granny squares!

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