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May 11, 2007


I didn't win? This contest must have been rigged. :-)

Oh My! What kind of camera are you using??? The blue ball of yarn is gorgeous. I've got a little bit of a macro setting on mine but it's nothing compared to *that*. :)

Congrats to the winners!

Your girls are SOOOO cute! YOU have a great weekend! :o)

That doesn't seem fair! I've already gotten so much from you, Laura. Thanks to the adorable girls who pulled my name!

Your girls did a great job -- very dedicated at their work ;) Have a good weekend, and happy Mother's Day!

My daughter happened to be visiting on Sunday when I left the comment. I showed her your blog and told her about the contest. She was excited by the yarn you've dyed and the bag. I intend to give her the kit and let her keep the bag after she crochets it. She's going to be thrilled to learn that I actually won. It makes me very happy to be able to give her something so lovely. Thanks for hosting such a great contest and congratulations on reaching 3000 comments.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Looks like the girls had a ball drawing names! Congrats to the winners!

LOVE little Lila Pearl with her binkie! And then running with the names....I had to show hubby the pictures. Oh your babies are adorable.

I've already made one square and posted about your project on one of the charity groups I belong to. Hopefully they will rally behind this GREAT idea!

awww the girls look adorable in their little dresses :)
I'm up for making a square or two i've just gotta get stuff moved out of limbo then I can start.

thanks for a great contest, even if i didn't win! i am still interested in the bits of yarn in a kit.
don't you just love the girls enough to eat them up! ella is now rolling all over the place and and trying to get up on her knees and crawl. she is soooo responsive to everything in her world. i am the luckiest grammy in the world.

Hah! Making dough! Cookie dough? Biscuit dough? mmmmm biscuit dough

Love the blue at the top, what a great picture to lead an entry with!

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