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May 23, 2007


My daughter has her 8th grade "graduation" next week. So fun! Hopefully I'll get some photos, but she's gotten less cooperative with that. Good luck with high school!

I hope you survived the sleepover!

Wow! Do you have enough going on? Congratulations to Katie. That's so awesome about the big sack of mail! I really like that crochet hug square. I might have to give that a go myself. Will I see you Saturday?

Count me in for some hugs, I'll get to them right away. Ah 8th grade graduation, seems everyone makes a big deal of it now, glad you survived the sleep over.

Congratulations to Katie! I hope the sleep-over was a success (the Group Hug sure will be).

Congrats to Katie!! She's a doll (in a very sophisticated way);-)
Love the new squares, too.

Beautiful girls, beautiful squares! I do notice one difference between yours and the original: the original seems to connect to the rings through both stitch loops instead of just one. (Am I making sense?) But both styles are just beautiful! Thank you so much for doing this project.

Congratulations!! And I will definitely have to try the new pattern. After vacation.

I love the colour of the squares. Your daughter looks lovely isn't it amazing how we are at the end of the school year where did the time go.

Thanks for the pattern! And congratulations Katie - look out High School!

So beautiful! (the squares and Katie!!)

Congratulations Katie!

Congrats to your daughter. When I lived in New York City, we had graduations from the sixth and ninth grade complete with caps, gowns, and all.

I need to make some squares. I've printed out the pattern.

beautiful squares Laura!
Congrats Katie! Another year over!

Here's to learning how to use a ruler!
Congrats to Katie! How I wish to be young again! I had so much fun in school!
I made my first crocheted square tonight. The Group Hug Square is an awesome square. I even made it the right size LOL...maybe even a tiny bit more than 8"..(my yarn was a little thick)


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