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May 23, 2007


Oh those beautiful squares! I love the one with a heart in the middle - what a fantastic idea.
Just lovely.

How refreshing to have a group of teens/preteens that are polite and quiet and didn't drive you nuts - it can be hard when they get in a group. How fun for the little ones too.

I am counting down the hours until Lost!!! Might not get to post until tomorrow morning (WLC) because of Lost....but hey - it's worth it.

So glad Katie has a great bunch of friends, and glad for you that they are well manners and behaved hehehe
41 MOre squaressss woooooooo hooooooooo!!!! This is gonna ROCK THE BOAT LAURA!!!!

I have 7 squares packaged up to head your way. Two are orphan sized but it sounds like with the assorted sized you are getting these will not be orphaned for long. I was not able to get pictures made before packaging but want to get them headed your way.

What a great picture of all of the girls!

Glad to hear I wasn't the only one who made a square with 8" on the diagonal. I made my first one that way then realized my mistake and made the others with the 8" (or a little under/over). Now that I know you've got some other wee ones, I'll send my wee one too. ;)

I would be spending each and every minute I could spare, and quite a few I couldn't spare, sorting, arranging, petting, and just in general playing with all those squares. I'd probably get nothing else done. How wonderful all these blankets are going to be!

Look at those cute grrls!! The squares are fabulous. You are really going to be busy sewing those puppies up!

Again, thank you for all the hard work you're doing with the collecting and sorting. Those afghans are going to be such a blessing. Knowing the squares came from "just about everywhere" makes them even more special.

The baby afghans are a great idea, too!

All I know how to crochet are potholders...sorry I can't help out. I'm very "craft-challenged".

Great pics of your daughter and her buddies. What fun!


Grande is on blood thinker to avoid blood clots. The blood thinner has nothing to do with the lack of O2 in his system. That has to do with his right lung is stronger than his left. Due to his heart condition he has poor circulation so parts of his body have lack of O2.

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