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May 08, 2007


I'm sending you an email now!

Nice. Very very nice. I will try to get a square worked on for you - mostly will depend on the mailing deadline. Good for you for organizing this. They will need all the help they can get.

I think the button is really great, Laura. Did I win yet?

a great and wonderful thing you do.

did i win yet? ;0)

I too will try to get a square made. It's good of you to do this!

Also, I am looking forward to your granny squares tutorial. I'm having a little bit of a problem with Row 4 where you chain 5 and then slip stitch into the 5th chain from the hook. It doesn't always look very neat to me.

I'm happy to knit a square or two.

Must post comment. Must post comment. Prizes at stake. Must post comment. Then must go wind yarn to knit squares.

Thanks for posting the details. I will send you two.

Count on me for at least one square.

I'm in! Thanks for doing this!

It's wonderful of you to do this. I come from a small town too, so it's really a great feeling to be a part of a community effort to help as we can:~D

I had the great pleasure to visit Greensburg several years ago and was very sorry to hear about the detestation there. I will cast on my garter square today.

I am also from a small town in Kansas. I know those tornadoes and how scary and devastating they are. Please count on me for a square or 2.

Hi I will make a couple of squares also but don't know how long it will take to get to you. Live in Manitoba, Canada
Such a tradety and affects many of us.

Hugs and blessings for your day.

I will definitely knit at least one square! And possibly more, because garter-stitch-on-the-bias is my favorite afghan square. Thanks for doing this!

Thank you so much for organizing this. I have a million and one odd balls of worsted weight. Now I know how I'm going to spend my weekend. :)

I'm knitting a block for you too. I will pass this info on to my Sisters Of the Wool and probably get several more squares.

Fellow Kansas here - casting on.

Thank you so much for this - fellow Kansan and headed to Greensburg (Haviland)tomorrow to help process SBA business disaster loans. These people are wonderful folks who have lost everything. You are so thoughtful! Blessings on all who are knitting for this - and I will as well!

I'll inclide a link to your project on the new Gracious Parcels blog. Hope that is helpful.

Best wishes,

Hi, I think this is such a wonderful thing you are organizing. I will start on squares today. Will it be ok for me to copy and paste your post and email it to the groups I belong to, in case they have not seen your blog? One of the stories I saw on tv showed a woman standing in front of the sign for her shop "Stitch and Frame", it was destroyed. I felt a connection, as I was away at a cross stitch weekend, and tried to think of how I could do something for her and the town. Thank you for this effort.

I'm casting on when I get home from work today.
I lived in Kansas for eight years (most of those in Olathe), but my daughter was born in Topeka.
You can count on me for two squares - one from me, and one from my Kansas baby.
I know first hand the devastation that tornadoes bring. Blessings are headed towards Greensburg from southern Indiana.

I would be honored to send a square. Please count me in, too. Thanks for your part in showing grace and love in action.

I'll start knitting tonight and add your link to my blog.
Good luck and THANK YOU for taking the time to get all of us involved in a worthy cause!

After reading Jane's post on the Aran knitlist, I knit my first half-square last night, during "Robin Williams, Live on Broadway!" Eight-inch-squares-on-the-bias is perfect movie knitting, and as th'Mr and I are Netflix junkies I should be able to knit several Wool-Ease squares before the deadline. I'll mention it at my Friday night knit-together and hopefully you'll get more participants from this small town in Kentucky.

This is a great idea.
I live in the Salina area, and I'll see to it that I get some mailed out.

This is such an amazing cause. I just graduated college, so this event, even though I went to LSU, still impacted me as a student. I will definitely make one!!

Hello Laura, my Love's Many Cloths gals are on it! I have also contacted my two local papers to get some more community help for the cause from Winona, MN. My dad lives in Kansas City MO...I passed on the news to him there too.

I'm part of a small knitting/crocheting group just getting started, and we are going to start with squares. Question: if we end up with enough squares, would you rather receive an afghan already put together? (no promises - I don't know how many people will be involved) If so, how big are you thinking for the final project?

I would like to knit a couple of squares as I have ancestors from Kansas and I feel to connected to Kansas.

I question the use of worsted wool. Is that machine washable? I will be using acrylic and will send a couple of squares.

A friend and I are knitting 7" squares for a local church that builds Habitat for Humanity houses but I will be happy to do a few squares for your project.

I am knitting squares.... or trying to. I thought I needed to increase at the beginning and end of each row... so my first square is wonky, but I will do some correctly and they will be on their way soon :-)

I can crochet a square or two!! anything to help out!1 count me in!!

Marvelous to know you are doing this; and good chatting with you on Monday. I posted the information on my Web site www.knitivity.com to allow others to participate. Some of my customers are knitting socks and we'll be forwarding them to you for distribution among those who need them, and I am pleased to extend to your readers a way to get superwash wool yarns for their squares.

Ray Whiting

Hi Laura...I am a member of the Loves Many Cloths group and we are delighted to be able to help you out with this project! I have 5 squares completed and have a 6th one on my needles right now with many more to come. I have also joined your flickr group and look forward to seeing and hearing about how this project is progressing.
Thank you for taking this project on and for the kindness and thoughtfulness you and everyone is showing towards this very worthy cause.

Hi Laura...I am a member of the Loves Many Cloths group and we are delighted to be able to help you out with this project! I have 5 squares completed and have a 6th one on my needles right now with many more to come. I have also joined your flickr group and look forward to seeing and hearing about how this project is progressing.
Thank you for taking this project on and for the kindness and thoughtfulness you and everyone is showing towards this very worthy cause.

Michelle in MI

I live a couple hours from El Dorado and would love to help seam up. Will you be posting dates/times/locations?

I am making 4 squares right now and hope to send 6 squares soon. Hope the afghans turn out to be beautiful.

I would love to help with this project. I only live in KC and can easily come to help seam squares, too. First packet will be in the mail to you on Monday!!

Just sent some email. I am already working on 2-color 6" squares, but as soon as I finish the one I am working on now, squares for you are the next thing on those needles! So look out, you'll probably get more than a couple out of me.

Count me in!

I have begun my 4th 8 inch square. Am enjoying the work. To make seaming easier for the ladies I slip the 1st stitch of every row, kf&b in the second stitch, knit the row to the last stitch, then knit in the back of that stitch. I do the same for every row until the decreases, then I decrease before the last stitch in the row. This is easy to do. It prepares the way for a very easy join.I think you will have a lot of blankets to moin.

We've posted a notice of your wonderful project on the Fiber Femmes blog. Many thanks for your hard work, and I can see you're getting a terrific response! Fiber people are fantastic!

Hello Laura,
You have already seen some of my squares on "flickr" (great idea) I have 8 squares done and hope to complete at least 2 more, that I will be mailing to you on Monday, 5-21-07.
I am trying to get some of my friends and family to also join in, if so I will send theirs as I get them.
This is such a wonderful venture of the heart and I am glad to be a part of it.

Thanks for doing this. I'm starting today!

A woman at my Friday night knit-together works with Doves (local women's shelter) and says she has several of the residents knitting. I suggested your cause and gave her the two squares I'd completed, to take along as samples (I expect to get those back next Friday). In the meanwhile I've finished another and am on the downhill side of a fourth. Expect a package from Morehead Kentucky toward the end of the month!

Hey, I'll be knitting you a square or four too! I hate to be getting into this so late, but I can't wait to get busy!

What a nice idea! I grew up half an hour from Greensburg, and know at least one of my childhood friends was affected by the tornado.

awesome any Yay!
A real stash buster project for a worthy cause.
My square is started. For the next one, I'll try goodie2needles suggestion of slipping the first stitch.

You go girl!

Hi Laura, You are amassing squares quickly now. Looks like you might be able to put one blanket together already. A great charity idea just draws people in. Congratualtions on inspiring so many crafters. I noted this morning that my group of squares have been received. I'll keep touching base, and who knows, I may send more....after sewing a Hello Kitty quilt for my grandchild who will be five years old the end of May.

I've gotten two and a half squares done since yesterday. I was wondering if homespun worsted weight was allowed if the square is still knit up to the right dimensions? (Assuming I don't die it a ghastly color of course. ) Anyway, good luck everyone!

I'm at home recovering from breast cancer and can't think of a more worthy way to spend my time. Count me in! My heart and prayers go out to those who've lost so much and yet stand so brave in the face of such devistation.

four more squares are heading your way. The little hearts are my way of saying my heart goes out to the people of Greensburg.

Well Laura,
I am pleased to let you know the Hello Kitty quilt is done and has been delightedly received. So I have gone on to make 7 more square to send on to you. They will go in the mail tomorrow, before my husband goes in for heart catherization on Friday. Know your prayers will be with us. Thanks so very much. Will be looking forward to seeing photos of completed quilts from the great looking squares seen on Flicker.

I'm sending 8 more squares . Beautiful day in Michigan. I hope your weather is calm and peaceful.

I feel so blessed to be a part of something wonderful. My mom (who is 91) and I will make a square. Is there a deadline date?



I found out about the project via a few blogs and I plan to send some squares your way. Thanks for doing this.

I found out about the project via a few blogs and I plan to send some squares your way. Thanks for doing this.

I found out about the project via a few blogs and I plan to send some squares your way. Thanks for doing this.

Sorry for the multiple comments, I kept getting an error that the spam code was incorrect.

I would be very happy to knit as many square as I can to send. When we saw the pictures of the devastation, my husband and I were helpless to do much more than pray. Now I can do something else and know that what I'm doing will help, even if in a small way. I also have posted a link to your blog on both of my blog sites so that other knitters will have the opportunity to help. Knowing the community of knitters I am sure you will have many many squares to seam together. God Bless...

I'll get knitting some of those for you. Thank you so much for organising this!

Wonderful idea! I'm knitting up some oddball Noro Silk Garden right now!

Pictures of the next two squares in the blog. These will go in the mail tomorrow.

I'm in..have already completed 2 and plan to do more..it's a great time to do this knitting as I sit with my Mother recuperating from a fall..also..my maiden name is Spradlin..how ironic..I'm in Va.

Two are being mailed off to you tomorrow! I hope to get more done by the deadline but at least these will be in! I wish I was closer to help with the seaming but I, too, am in VA!

I am putting two squares in the mail today. I hope to get a few
more done for your this month.

so far i have made nine squares. i'm hoping to make more before the deadline. i know i'll have ATLEAST one more finished. i want to make as many as i possibly can. this was a wonderful idea!!

Great idea! I remember all the good people that helped us here in Miami after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. It is nice to return the favor! Expect my shipment soon.


Sent my squares off last week and they should reach you soon, if they haven't already. I'm so excited the goal for squares has been exceeded. Thank you so much for organizing this wonderful opportunity to give!

HI! I am a Greensburg resident, and I just wanted to tell you that I am so overwhelmed at the generosity of people! Thank you so much for what you are doing!

Dear Mother in Kansas

I am an 84 year old grandmother in London, England, and am knitting bias squares for some charities here. Or, rather, was trying to knit bias squares and going around the bend because one corner was elongating. I found your website and, bless you, you have saved me, and my friend, from intense frustration with your perfect instructions.

Best wishes.


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锘縁reu mich uff (berlinerisch) welchen herzf枚rmigen Reihe von seiten Mode-Diamant-Ring Zeuge
Abstract: Dieser Windung dieser Selbstverst?ndlich, jener Zeuge jener herzf枚rmigen Satz dieser Mode in der nahen Hochzeits-Mode-Ring zog alle R眉cksicht aller G盲ste, ungewiss jedweder Original pers枚nlich 眉berblicken welchen Windung, mit der absicht Die Lieblings-M盲dchen, jedoch jene Neuheit herzf枚rmige Diamant-Ring ist nat眉rlich diese eine, grosse Auswahl. W盲hlen Jene herzf枚rmigen Windung dieser Satz Mode, mit der absicht versteckte mit alle jene m?gen, des weiteren sein Jene Zeuge jener Selbstverst?ndlich bei Solchen frauen. Freu mich uff (berlinerisch) welchen herzf枚rmigen Windung dieser Satz, Mode, Mode Ehering Anforderung f眉r R眉cksicht aller G盲ste abgeschlossen erhalten, weiterhin jedweder Liebling m枚chte die Lieblings-M盲dchen in aussicht stellen, pers枚nlich 眉berblicken welchen Windung, ist nat眉rlich jene Neuheit herzf枚rmige Diamant-Ring diese eine, grosse Auswahl. W盲hlen Jene herzf枚rmigen Windung dieser Satz Mode, mit der absicht versteckte mit jede jene m?gen, des weiteren sein Jene Zeuge jener Selbstverst?ndlich bei Solchen frauen.
Selbstverst?ndlich mich solange bis zu der luxuri枚sesten Honeymoon-Suite
Jede Honigmond Einfluss, h?ufig ist nat眉rlich bei weitem nicht jede Hochzeitsreise, allerdings dies Vorgef眉hl seitens die zwei Leuten gemeinsam. Lawton, seitens jener Fahrt m眉de m枚ge atomar komfortablen des weiteren gem眉tlichen Honeymoon-Suiten, romantische Honigmond abgeschlossen genie脽en, um eine Verbreitung abgeschlossen (sich) tummeln (umgangssprachlich). Hotel vermag seitens welchen Leuten geschaffen, mit der absicht abgeschlossen kontakt haben, von seiten jenen manche alleinig Obdach, statt dessen manche Luxus-Honeymoon-Suite ist nat眉rlich als die masse klassischen Kunstwerken. Martinez Hotel nur Cannes (Martini Nice Hotel) Jenes Hotel zusammen diese eine, Honeymoon-Suite jenes Ganzen dieser luxuri枚sesten Zimmer Europas - 21. 500 kapital / Nacht. Dies Hotel Publicity pro h盲ufigsten berichten: "Wir besitzen mit jener Standpunkt dies hochwertigste, gr枚脽te, alleinig jede Dachgarten Duplex Presidential Suite. Martinez, Cannes Streifen Festspiel, denn die masse gro脽en Stars weiterhin VIP-Empfang Hotels, jede hierbei dasein, war Statussymbol. Praktisch mit der absicht dies Hotel zu gunsten von sogar achter kilometerlange Sandstr盲nde, welche Gefilde ist nat眉rlich au?erordentlich pl?sierlich. Situation Jene mich schildern, f眉r den fall alle zu teuren Zimmer, Forbes Online magazine denn multinational von jener bestbezahlten Hotel, zusammen dieses herauf jener obersten Schicht jenes Hotel-Suite ist echt hochn?sig das, voller 眉ber 600 Quadratmeter gro脽e Terrasse, betreffend Cannes Bays wundersch枚ne Gefilde, perfekte Techniker, Massage, probieren Jene alle Top-Level-Partei. New York Plaza Hotel, Plaza Hotel herauf dieser 19. Etage Pr盲sidentensuite befindet, entfielen f眉nf vor zw?lf jede gesamte Wohnfl盲che, ist nat眉rlich Innendekoration voll von perfekter Vorgef眉hl, so sehr f眉r den fall wiedergeben gegenseitig als diese eine, mittelalterliche Festung Franz枚sisch, hat welche Suite mit drei Schlafzimmer, drei B盲der des weiteren auch den Weinkeller... darf echt dieses King-盲hnliche Therapie genie脽en, doch der betrag ist nat眉rlich dar眉ber hinaus toll, alle Kostenaufwand zu gunsten von solchen Lage 15. 000 kapital / Nacht.
Estland Hochzeitsfotografie Flagship-Store fuer welchen Aktivit盲ten etwas abbekommen "In auf ganzer linie (umgangssprachlich) Europa gedreht - Santorini Revidieren: 5888" Pandora "Neupreis: 4888 3D-Filmstudio Neupreis: 4866" Provence Lavendel-Listenpreis: 4. 999 Echt: 20. 641 Yuan of Four war nun lediglich ben?tigen: 14. 753 Yuan mit 5888 Yuan Provinzen Album Upgrades, Upgrades vergr枚脽ern, Stra脽en-Upgrades, alle Ausschm眉ckung Update... s?mtliche Update 銆? 楼 888 Buy-In-Serie] [Highlight dieser Reihe von seiten System] abgeschlossen schie脽en den Reihe seitens sechs Stile (3 Drehorte + 3 VIP virtuelles Studio) drei klassische gemeinsam denn "Schuss mit in g?nze Europa + Provence Lavendel + 3D-Film Studioalbum Update ausweiten ferner updaten Jene jede Kurs Update, Upgrade-Ornamenten... ganz einfach abgeschlossen updaten! den exklusiven 3000 erstellen Schicht 3D-Film-Studio (Elizabeth Monarch Halle + koreanischen Life Museum + welche dies Rokoko Prinzessin Museum + Platin Museum) feine Dreharbeiten exklusiven koreanischen DEFINITIV Senderaum Standpunkt Commitment jener einmalige Verzehr jener drei P?rchen von seiten VIP-Services niemals versteckten Verbrauch von seiten [exklusiven Service銆?Senior Umwandlung Team Portr盲t quatschen, dieses kreatives Sendung abgeschlossen schie脽en, via einem neuen Deep-Level-Kommunikation, Entwurf, um eine einzigartige Lehrfahrt, Senior Umwandlung voll von Portr盲ts mit der absicht heisse kreative Aufnahmen, des weiteren exquisiten Dienstleistung Dreharbeiten fuer dem Tag alle Ehrung jener professionellen Fotografie-Assistent Tracking Pflege genie脽en schie脽en [Kleid] heisse europ盲ische Geaase Gliederung Kleid, Kost眉m lediglich absolut, begleitet seitens sorgf盲ltig ausgew盲hlt, mit der absicht welchen Br盲utigam, welche Braut Brautkleid bescheren 8 S盲tze [Shooting] dieses Werktag (8. wc solange bis 59. wc Uhr) [Make-up-Dienste unabh盲ngig von seiten jener Innen-Standort Make-up Akrobat Eins-zu-eins absolut Begleitung abgeschlossen allen Zeiten jener frischen Make-up abgeschlossen puren des weiteren Arbeitszeit besitzen, mit der absicht perfekte Mode-Modellierung diese eine, Reihe von seiten empfohlenen Professional Perfekter echt Wimpern Modemagazin Modemagazin W盲rme vorschlagen ultra-Bao Zi Wesentlichen diese eine, [Shooting Requisiten kostenfrei ausw?hlbar inszeniert via Blumen, Q-B盲r Alle paar Delfine ferner weitere Requisiten sein uff (berlinerisch) Voraussetzung jener tats盲chlichen Modalit盲ten Innenaufnahmen (f眉r Blumen, um eine heisse Selbst-Kauf bitte)] 3000 3D-Film Studios (Elizabeth Hall + Monarch Koreanisch Living Museum + Museum + Rokoko Prinzessin Platin Museum) [Foto] entnommen 180 einzigartige Benehmen von seiten Foto-Shooting, welche Fehlerbehebung dieser 60, s?mtliche Negative all jede Zifferbl盲tter, jede [Lage Dreharbeiten] sichern Santorini, Pandora, ferner dieser Morgenland Provence Lavendel [Album produziert] 18-Zoll-Elizabeth Bright Crystal dieses Album dieses Formteil Peking lediglich Estland 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Selbstverst?ndlich Partei innovative Plan (20 B盲nde nur 20) dies innovative Plan jenes 5-Zoll-exquisiten Selbstverst?ndlich Status (mit deinem Schlu?punkt jenes gleichkommen Design) [vergr枚脽ern Erzeugung 銆?polierte 24-Zoll 40-Zoll-Liebe Fangjing Dian Elizabeth, diese eine, sch枚ne Chanel dieses 30-Zoll Black Diamond Villa Nika dieses 12-Zoll-fein geschliffenem Kristall Onyango Vereinigte staaten von amerika druckt diese eine, [self-driving] pr盲sentiert sechs intensiven Konzern [After-Sales Service銆?exklusives Artikel jener Selbstverst?ndlich Lage lebenslangen Wartung (Hinweis: Welche menschlichen Sch盲den) [besonders] jede Sets war einmaliger Konsum-Sets sind keinesfalls Ablauf jenes Konsums weiterhin jener anschlie脽ende Verzehr jener S盲tze f眉r speziellen steuerlichen Preis-Sets zu gunsten von Erw?gen gesuch Klienten nummern 15% Ebene jener Steuerreform bei weitem nicht welchen Umsteigem?glichkeit fuer jede Bl眉tezeit vermag Bl眉tentrieb oder aber h枚here Vehemenz Kriterien in gang setzen abgeschlossen schie脽en darf dieser Mandant bei weitem nicht welchen Tag verbringen abgeschlossen anderen Bereiche mit jede bestehende Bereich Dreharbeiten ge盲ndert vermag bei weitem nicht nachgeholt, oder aber diese eine, weitere Entsch盲digung eingeengt. Anschrift: East Third Windung, Chaoyang, Peking favorisierte 4 Geb盲ude Dishang (Shuangjing Qiaodongbeijiao) 脰ffnungszeiten: Montag solange bis Sonntag 9: wc Uhr - 21. wc Uhr Dienstleistungen: innen, au脽en, interne Punkt kombiniert via Preislage: geringeren denn kapital 3000, 3000-4999, 5000-7999 Yuan, 8000 Yuan | liangjiekleider

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