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May 05, 2007


Oh those baby birds! Too precious. Look at how their wing feathers are starting to look like an adult bird's already. BIrds grow so quickly.
Look at your little ones. It is so nice to see them eating apples whole - most children won't touch an apple unless it is peeled and sliced.
What's this contest I read of?
Time for me to read backwards!

you are off the list now that you've included the babe's pic. is anything cuter than little girls w/ ponytails and summer dresses?

I thought of you today when I heard about the tornado in Kansas. I hope you have a basement to go to in your house now? It seems essential in tornado alley!!

Those little dollies look so cute in those summer dresses!!!! Not warm enough yet here for that.

Beautiful babies...both human and avian!

THank you so much for posting today. I saw the news and was worried about you & yours. The girls are, as always, beautiful!

Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls. Looking at Emeline, I can see the recent baby in her face growing into a young girl. They are priceless.

Such cute birdies!

I, too, wondered if you were safe when I heard about the tornado while I was at work this morning. So glad that you were no where near that! What a terrible sight on the news!

So, intelligent comments not required? I teach English at a community college and have my students comment on some literary and library blogs for extra credit. Not only do the comments have to be intelligent, I get to judge... ;)

Beautiful photos, and beautiful baby.

Oh Laura, so happy to see your blog today and know you guys are ok. I thought of you and the family when I heard the news also. I love your crocheting, very nice and will make a great tote. Love and Prayers Pam

Those little girls are cuties!

When I heard about the tornados, i just cringed. I'm originally from Kansas (just south of Wichita, in fact) and there's been several times that tornados passed over us. Scary. Big time.

Those girls are just so cute! Here I am, contesting away. I am going to win the tote bag kit. Really. I am.

I was thinking about you when I saw the news last night, wondering how close you were to the horrible storms. I'm glad you all were not in the path. They are forcasting fun weather for tomorrow around KC, I'm hoping it blows over. We need a few dry days, everything in my house feels damp from all the humidity.

Oh, I thought of you last night! I'm glad to hear you and yours are well. Thinking of all those who are having another bad night!

Glad to hear you escaped the worst of the storm. Cute pictures of the girls!

Oh Laura! I'm sooo very glad that you weren't near the storms, I almost had a heart attack when i heard it on the news. I made Moose turn it up and sighed in relief when it wasn't near you. I can't imagine what those poor towns are going through.
Your little birdies sure are getting big, and cute :)
I can't wait to see the lining for your bag, its beautiful!

What beautiful girls you have! What a blessing:)

Tornados are scary. I'll take a hurricane any day, at least you know they are coming. Be safe and I hope you weather stays good. Hi girls! You made me want an apple - yours look so good.

I love, love, love the girly photos!! What little sweethearts!!

yesterday i was driving home from the grocery store and a mother goose and her babies crossed the road in front ot me. i had to come to a complete stop to wait for them--so cute with their fuzzy heads! your baby birds made me just re-love that little moment from my weekend. :)

your girls are adorable, as always.

and while i am at it--that iris up there is GORGEOUS!

def keeping the people who's homes or worse were lost in that storm in my thoughts this week! tornadoes scare the crap out of me!

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