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May 12, 2007


But I've totally enjoyed seeing you post every day!

I sent a "wanted" message to my local Freecycle list yesterday asking for leftover yarns - I'm supposed to pick up some from a lady Monday morning so I can keep knitting squares!

I mailed off 2 yesterday and had the skein of yarn sitting there on the coffee table so, what the heck, I started another one. Then I got caught up in a "Shear Genius" mini-marathon, so look for (at least 2 more) sometime this week.

even though I haven't seen that Kansas view YET, I can imagine it and it looks WONDERFUL!!!!
I'm sooo happy Suzannah is getting in on the action, you'll have a speed demon square maker out of her yet.
So glad you've got some knitty friends to enjoy your knitting time with, sounds like they will be a great help for pumping out those squares too.
*does Laura's in the paper dance* Your in the paper, your in the paper, can't wait to see the mound of squares you get out of this!!!

Oh how exciting!
Hey - I never knew that about sock yarn...the sky is the limit now. Thanks.
btw - I have tagged you for a meme, after your rest and if you feel like playing. :-)
I also think that looks like the Kansas sky (not that I have seen Kansas, but it looks meadowy-farmy to me)

You know what I'm thinking. Heheheh.

Using what I have and knitting up a few.

Hi! I thought I'd let you know that my friends & I will be knitting a few squares and sending them your way. It's such an easy square to knit and I can't wait to see pictures of finished blankets!!

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