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May 14, 2007


I heard about the 80 yo woman who lost two diamond rings...one her mothers and one her own wedding ring. They were found by her children raking carefully through the wreckage of the house. Since we don't have a dead line, as yet, I'll keep knitting squares. Maybe I'll bring them to you next month;-)

Hey you! It's the TACOS, that's all!

Each and every time I eat beef (were yours made with ground beef?) I can absolutely count on a weight gain of at least a couple of pounds and usually more. Then it takes several days for them to fall away, too. When I was a Weight Watchers member, they always stressed this. So don't panic and restructure your diet or anything. You haven't gained fat. It's just the magic effect of beef.

I'm doing my own weight loss effort here, too. Beef is OFF my menu for a while, anyway! :-)

Doesn't salty food = water retention = weight gain? Tacos are a pretty high sodium meal. Keep drinking your water and I'll bet it falls back off in a day or so.

I live for checking the progress of this afghan project. I'm so excited for you, and living vicariously through you. I wish there was some way I could make a long road trip and join a seaming party! But with these gas prices, I just don't see that happening.

Although as a rule I don't do charity knitting (it starts to feel like an obligation and then is no fun...), I'm on the second half of my second square and I'm planning to send in four.

I also don't diet but I think I need to join you in that too for a while!

LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!! lol no no I'm joking!
You couldn't liar on your blog and live with yourself I know you couldn't!!!
Don't get discouraged, this is still the beginning, remember some weeks you'll loose weight and some weeks you won't just keep plugging away and it will happen!!!!
I'm getting ready to knit me some squares :)
Bless Benny, he is such a wonderful poet, I couldn't even begin to write a poem.

Hi Laura,
I read about your project on Tracy's blog at Wool winders. I will post on my blog about your wonderful project. I will be happy to make some squares.

Have you ever checked the sodium content on the taco seasoning? Even the "low sodium" seasoning is super high. I'm sure it's all water retention, and will fall off in a few days. Just don't eat tacos the night before next week's weigh-in, lol.

Benny's poem is so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes. You're so blessed to have such wonderful children :)

I came across your blog from a post elsewhere (sorry can't remember where) and I'm enjoying your writing very much. I think your Rebuilding Greensburg project is awesome and I am starting a square today. Good luck with your weight loss program and don't give up!

w00t! I've already started a knit square, and I'll definitely finish it - but I am a much faster crocheter than knitter, and I will happily crank out a few crochet squares for the project!

Hey Laura, I have been knitting it up today! I posted your cause to my website with Love's and am hoping to see my editorials in the local paper tomorrow morning!(Winona, MN)Glad to hear about the crocheted square addition to the drive, many of my gals do prefer to crochet! The patterns and stitches are so abundant!
I hope my community will provide a LARGE contribution towards your goal..in fact, I hope to SURPASS your goals!

I plan on knitting one or two (or more) squares for this project. Growing up in Iowa, I am familiar with the kind of devastation tornadoes can cause and this is a project that is near to my heart. I bet you will get way more squares than you can even imagine!

This post is jam packed!
Ok 1st things 1st - Don't sweat that gain - it is temporary, it is temporary. As delicious as a taco is (and I do mean delicious!) it is mass sodium. That 4 lbs is directly linked to the dinner - especially if you are weighing yourself every day. It totally blows when that happens on Weigh In day though doesn't it?
Seriously - don't give up and don't give in to poor eating habits.
You can do it Laura!
And incidentally I have been eating like a stinkin' maniac today. Snacking, snacking, snacking. What is that about? I need to go drink 2-3 cups of water myself.

2nd - Ben's poem! Come on. That is beautiful. What a fabulous 'man' you are raising. I am totally sending him an e-hug. (I'm sure he would love that - a hug from a total stranger!) What a fantastic gift.

3rd - Let's go! It is on. I will send you squares lady.
Are all the squares to be made on the bias?? I can't remember.
I'll review the other posts.

Don't worries about the weight - you are gonna do it!!!! The main thing is you are trying to eat right, keep busy and lots of water. All that is good stuff.

I think the # of squares is a great goal to have. And you are soooo right - with the power of the internet, it's probably more than do-able.

I think Mondays are the worst days for getting on the scale. I'm going to stick with weighing/measuring myself on Thursdays because think about it - if you go into the weekend feeling good about the progress you've made, you're more likely to stick with your diet and exercise plan. I'm sure that's four pounds of water, Laura, don't beat yourself up over it! Are your clothes looser? Do you FEEL better? That's what counts, ya know! Totally an aside here, but I was watching The Simpsons the other night, the episode where Homer is an ice cream man, and he says something like, "I can't run out of ice cream!!! If those kids discover the connection between eating right and feeling good, I'm finished!" Keep strong, girl! :o)

If you've been weighing less all the week before, I think it must have something to do with water retention. Losing an average of one pound a week is normal weight loss and I think you're right on track for that. Hasn't it been about four weeks? Don't be discouraged. Keep your eye on the big picture: You weigh less than you did when you started. If you hadn't done anything, you might have continued to add pounds instead of subtract.

stupid scales. they really can't be trusted. you know, in our move, i lost the scale, so i bought a new one, but now i am refusing to get on it. i know i have to be losing weight because my clothes are looser and i FEEL better. i just don't want to see the number, lest it be DE-motivating, which it sometimes is for me. i put too much pressure on myself to just go go go and get to a goal when i keep track too closely. if i don't weigh, working out and eating well become more about daily choices and lifestyle. if there's no goal, there's no bandwagon to fall off of, etc. anyway--enough pontificating!

i tagged you for a meme. come do it. :)

I'm with Tracy, I think it's the sodium making you retain water. Keep drinking lots of water and the weight will come off. IT's not the diet but focusing on eating better that's really important.

thanks for all the details on the squares.

I will make every effort to send you a square. It's really a wonderful thing you're doing...as if you didn't have enough going on. :) You are so my hero, Laura!

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