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May 21, 2007


Woot! Great progress on the Weight Loss Challenge!!

And I am delighted you got my square. I'm trying to catch up on blog-reading from being away 3 days this weekend. It sounds like you are off to a bang-up start.

I think the number of squares you receive daily will grow exponentially. Before you know it, the postman will be dropping multiple bags at your door. My knitting group is working up a batch. I have two done and enough stash for two more. I just passed the word on to my sister. I'm also a member of a YarnDAL (destash-a-long) and I know several of those knitters are working on squares.

Oh yeah, you'll make your goal. I can't wait to see how it comes together. It's an awesome thing you're doing.

Hooray for the weight loss challenge! Hooray for the mail!

Congratulations on the weight loss! Hooray for you!

And WOW - look at all those squares. That's fantastic. =)

*Jumps up and down*
WOZERS!!! YOU'RE LIKE SANTA WITH SACKS FULL OF MAIL!!! I love it, and just think, you're just getting started and already you have over 100 squares???? FANTASTIC!!!!
Awesome job on the weight loss, keep it up girl and you'll be at your first milestone in no time.
Get well soon Grandy!!! We need you to see all the fantastic things your family is doing!

Hooray!! Congrats on the challenge! Great photos today..loved seeing all the packages pouring in! The squares look great! You better alert the post office! LOL!
So glad to hear that Grandy is feeling better! Many prayers for more better days!


Yay, look at all those squares! Great news in the weight loss department too. Very glad to hear your father-in-law has improved some--continuing to pray for him.

I was just thinking today that your postal carriers are going to love you! I got a package off to you this afternoon!

Blessings to your and all of your family Laura.

Hi Laura,

I am so glad to see that pile of squares! Thanks for the opportunity to knit up my orphan/odd ball/partial skeins! I will keep on knitting squares until I run out of my donated wool. I knew you would get a good response!

Do you have a specific size for the squares or can they be any size?

Wow! That's a wonderful stack of squares. I'm already wanting to arrange them by color and size. :D I'd volunteer to help sew together if my grafting skills weren't crap. I have so got to practice on that.

If you miss your 7 lbs, just holler. Even though I'm dieting and exercising, I've found at least 5 of what you've lost.

Do you want to know the fiber content of the squares? Are you trying to pair wool squares with wool for washability sake?

I'm teaching my friend at work how to knit and her first project is a square for you.

Yeah for the weight loss!!

Congrats on the weight loss! That's great!

And wow! on the afghan squares! I got a response from someone from Canada, too, wanting to know more. I told her to check your blog, or to e-mail you.

P.S. Check my newest post on my Thoughts Along the Journey blog. (www.journeythoughts.blogspot.com)
You've been tagged!

Wonderful! Congrats on the weight loss - your hard work is paying off.

Oh my goodness - look at all those squares - you do know you are going to blow your original goal number out of the water, right? How thrilling to get that big delivery. I love the diversity of colours. Fantastic.

I am glad to hear that Jeff's Dad has improved a little. My thoughts are certainly with him, and all of you.
The pics of your little ones on their way to see Grandy are just beautiful. So very sweet - it is amazing what time with little ones can do for a person.

Way to go on your weight loss! I KNEW those tacos were wreaking havoc on your scale! I need to get back to it SOON! Maybe once this sinus infection goes away and my energy returns.

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