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June 11, 2007


The camera pics look terrific! Thanks for sharing!

Lovely stack of squares!

Still crocheting at 92 years--that's great! Love seeing all the squares.

thats a colourful stack!

Heheheh thats so funny, Ms Ruth not needing a pattern. She sounds like my Aunt Irene, she's my great Aunt but she's a little fire ball, always on the go, she's only about 4'6" or so :)

The tower of squares looks so huge from that angle!

Laura, the squares are so pretty next to each other. It's funny how colors you would never think of putting together look great in a scrap afghan. I was getting ready to mail a package, then found out my hubby would be driving right past Eldorado on I-35 (from Overland Park en route to Greensburg, no less!) I talked him into hand delivering my stuff to your church tomorrow. Some of the blocks I'm sending are quite a bit smaller than 8" (maybe 6"), from an unfinished project I found in my yarn closet. Hopefully, you will have some other smaller squares that you can put them with. I'm sending a finished afghan that I had already made for charity.

An 80 year old lady from church is working on some blocks, and we'll be sending another package later. I took her some yarn and patterns, and she's called me several times, worried that her blocks wouldn't turn out right. She keeps ripping out and starting over. I told her not to worry, that they will be fine!

I love the granny square pattern for 92yo Ruth. How about posting the pattern for us who need a pattern? Wish I could meet Ruth.

I'm stalled on my WLC too. We'll be at the beach next week, so I plan to take long walks to offset the beer consumption!

I love seeing those blocks pile up!

Yes, yes, yes! I'd love to have the crochet pattern... with detailed explanations since I'm so craft-challenged! :0)

What a wonderful cause! I have been in afghan mode lately...count me in, I'm going to go start right now :) PS - You can do it on the weight loss thing! The trick is to tell yourself you are worth it! PPS - Your babies are sooo sweet!
- Jenn

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