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June 05, 2007


I'm afraid to get back on the scale, I've backslided, I'm sure. But since you're brave enough to do it, I can too! Keep with it, we both know it's a lifestyle change, not a matter of being "good." I'm rooting for you!!! :o)

Oh yes, loosing that ever creeping weight. It's so hard and I KNOW what to do to stop it, to loose it...it's just a LOT of work. The gym, constant activity...just too much. See I'm giving up before I begin! LOL
Love the daily square report;-)

Happy belated birthday to Emeline! I was so tickled to read about all the festivies that I was distracted from commenting. Such a cutie. I haven't lost any weight either.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Changing is hard work.

I am glad you decided to keep posting. Seriously I know just what you are talking about - I know it looks like I am doing *so well* but what I need to post about is how I am feeling while doing this.

For the first 2 weeks at WW's (which was before the WLC started) I was so unmotivated. I was thinking about the things I have to give up and can't do (like eating ice cream by the container and having chocolate in bed while I read or do Sudoku) and how much weight I have to lose and how hard it is to do and then how will I maintain it and on and on.

I made better choices but I wasn't really into it until about the 4th week. I was still using food as a reward/punishment for myself.
Don't get me wrong - I could do that again too I am sure.
Gradually though my habits are changing.

Seriously. I had drive thru (burger, fries)last week - and I ate it, but it didn't taste very good to me. It really didn't. I ate out a bunch of times and found I was literally craving a crisp salad!?! Talk about mental progress.
On Sunday I went out and bought veggies and fruit and that is what I have been eating the last 3 days. Because I am actually liking it and wanting it.

Keep in mind I have been eating like this for 10 weeks tomorrow - that is a serious amount of time. now I just have to keep at it for at least one and a half years to lose all the weight reasonably.
And then...my life!

These are major changes even though they start small.
Give yourself time to make them.

You have a tonne of stuff going on - kids coming, kids leaving, loss of a loved one, projects, volunteer work, gardening, 2 people 3 and under. Lady you are busy!!

As hard as it can be, look at what you have accomplished during this time and realize that in a life transition of this magnitude (because it spills into everything else, work, family, home, finances) there are going to be setbacks.

What is important is how you respond to them.

Please don't feel these posts are public humiliation. For a fact we are not looking at you with a critical or judging eye - free yourself to be as supportive of you as you are of us.

Sending you the biggest of hugs!!
(and hoping this isn't too long)

Hey Laura, if you are happy that is all that matters...and if you are not, well..you are trying way too hard! Growing up I was so conscious of my weight...and realistically I was not one that had to...but I let my mind play tricks on me. I was anorexic until I was 21. I lived on very little...mostly guilt..and a mirror was my companion..but not in the good sense. I would take double doses of diet pills and exercise until 3 a.m. because my body couldn't rest. I purged often and lied to my mom and friends that I had ate. I was 98 lbs. at 20yrs old..and got pregnant. I was 168 at full term. Two weeks after I gave birth to my oldest son, I was back in my small clothes again. I retained alot of water and had a baby that weighed 8 lbs. 10 ounces. whoa.. do I have stretch marks!!
When I met my husband I gained weight back..I was happy and soon pregnant once again. A few yrs. later and another baby... I am now 30-40 lbs overweight... more than I have ever been (not pregnant) I am now 42, twice the age, and having a heck of a time losing weight that use to drop right off...I find myself so mad some days...and then other days I am ok with it. This past winter I was "Couch Potato Lady"...I must have a permanent imprint of a rosebud tatooed to my backside! My full-time crafting and desire to help so many folks in need kept me glued to my couch...I could only blame my weight gain on myself..but I was happy doing what I do..and still am...HOWEVER!

Reading your WLC has really helped me get off the couch for just a little bit of time each day. My mom was offered a job to clean 7 apartment buildings in the complex she lives in two weeks ago..she asked me to help her last week. I really hesitated..I came up with so many excuses not to want to help her. I finally gave in and have been working up a SWEAT everyday for the past week. Boy, am I out of shape! I ache in places I didn't even know I had!!! LOL I feel good! I know that my stamina will get better and I will hopefully drop some weight and gain some muscle. I hoist a vacuum cleaner upstairs and downstairs..and to 7 different buildings. It is a very big workout... good thing my bowling ball is a 16 pounder..and I can toss that like a feather!

I gave up scales years ago. I do not weigh myself anymore. I judge my progress by my clothes size. I am between a 12 and 14 right now. I hope by the end of the summer to be in a 10 for sure. Anything less would be a miracle at this point..and not expected! So, my challenge would be that. I will be buying new jeans for winter...but not until I can pay for a size 10 or less. oh.. I am only 5' tall and about 158 lbs.. I read that I should weigh about 124 for my height. Seems too far away at this point. I want to be comfortable and still eat what I like for the most part.

Good luck to all with their challenges!

Yeah! More squares..and my Michelle sent some cloths too! "Hope for Soap" is really catching on too!

Thanks for the added pics.. you will catch the mail carrier soon!

Oh, don't beat yourself up about the weight loss. One of the things you are not accounting for is that you have two young children in the house and that takes up a lot of time in which other people are exercising and taking time to make careful eating decisions. Your time will come.

In the meantime, I hope you will stop forbidding yourself any food because I can hear the wistfulness in your writing. Just eat less of it. :-)

You'll get there with the weight loss. Just keep plugging away. You can do it!

Also, I have 2 more squares I gave to Margene last night at SnB; she'll bring them to Estes for you.

Good for you for not giving up. You may not have lost that much weight, but you haven't gained any either and that's good. Why not set your goal for losing just one pound a week? Try giving up one or two not so good for you foods that you eat often, like french fries...just eliminate them completely and see what happens. This has worked for me before.

Oh, the weight loss will come. Those hot Kansas summers will sweat it off you, if nothing else! :o)

I get so excited when I think of someone I know back home, cuddling up under one of your afghans...those squares are all so beautiful!

I've been reading your blog for a month or two now and you totally inspire me. I started a weight loss plan last Friday and my first goal is to lose 10 lb. ( I weigh over 220 lb.) I used to knit when my kids were young- they are now grown up. I've been working up to it for a long time now. I've bought yarn, books, magazines etc but have not knit a darn thing. Because of your blog, however, I am now half-way through my first block.
I'm going to knit two and then move on to some socks. I've never knit socks but I have lots of sock yarn and I'm determined to learn how.
Thanks so much for inspiring me- and for making me smile with the pictures of your two adorable girls.

I feel your pain. It's awful. Every time I try to watch what I eat and exercise, I gain weight. We get a dog and all three of us walk him every evening. Husband and child lose weight, I gain. We're all eating the same stuff, if anything, I'm eating less than usual Fry lost 6lbs, Hubs lost 3, and I gained 5. Isn't that just stupid swell?

Not that I'm ticked or anything. That being said, it usually takes 4-6 weeks for your body to realize it doesn't need to keep every fat cell for the famine you're putting it through. I know. It's a very long time, especially when you're tired, starving, and yet, gaining. Hugs to you and don't give up.

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