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June 04, 2007


Hey Laura! I was about to send a "recovery crew" out for you! I was wondering if you were plummeled by packages of squares and cloths ... So glad to see such great amount! And from ITALY! Yowza!
Love the birthday pics! I felt like I should have been sitting there with a hat on and waiting in line for cake!

I have two more boxes ready to jump into my car for you...by the end of the week I am sure to see more! YEAH!!!! Definitely see the mercury exploding out of the top of the SQUARE-O-METER!


Wow - I'm not sure which pictures I like the best - the tea party, the mail carrier, the birthday cake, the squares, squares, squares, squares or the mail call. Very cool day. Life is complete.

Wow, it looks like Emeline had a great birthday! I love the pictures - they're so cute and cheerful :)

What a fun post! Those two little girls are soooo pretty! Happy Birthday to Emeline!!

Doughnuts you can walk to probably seriously complicated the Weight Loss Challenge - I know it would for me!

I am so glad Emeline had a great birthday! Looks like a very full and memorable day!

My "big kids" were gone over the weekend, and it makes me realize just how much they help with the little one, and keep her entertained. She went running to the door when they came home Sunday night.

You are going to have to double your goal at least! (I mailed a few more yesterday!)

I love small town living, where you can walk to breakfast and lunch and know your mail carrier by name. The girls are precious! And, the squares...they just keep on coming. So great!

I'd love to live in a town where it would be easy to walk everywhere! Every time I see the stack of squares I get teary eyed. You have done good work, grrl!
Emeline! What a wonderful birthday you had. How nice of your Mom to share it with us. I feel almost like I was there with you. Hugs!!

Wow. That's a full day! But, what an amazing one it was. I love that you are doing this square project. I'm still working on my growing pile of them to send.. I'm at 16 & counting.

Looks like Emeline had a wonderful and busy day!

I think I see them in about the middle of the left column! What a fun day you had!

Have I told you how I LOVE the fact that you walk so many places?!?! That's fabulous and you're so lucky to live in walking distance of your church and downtown! Happy happy day to Emeline! What a great mommy you are! :o)

Whew!!! What a day!! I think I need a nap ;-)


That sounds like such a fun birthday! Can I come visit you this year on my birthday so I can go out to breakfast AND lunch AND to the movies AND have cake AND presents?

The birthday sounds so fun! I had to say, though, the picture of the building with the chili place almost made me cry. It looks like so many buildings in Greensburg used to look... but I digress.

What a wonderful day for your sweet birthday girl.

And even MORE squares! Wow!

I'm with Carole. I want you to host my next birthday, too! :o)

Yes top of the right pile...Happy Belated Birthday, Emeline!!!!!!!!!
I need a nap also after walking through the day. What a wonderful blessing, all of those beautiful squares. I would not be able to contain myself, I would have to start seaming, could not wait any longer.

Dear Sweet Emeline! Happy Happy 3rd Birthday. You are a lovely girl and you make your mama & daddy so proud. Your sweet face brightens the day for me often!

Awww Happy Belated Birthday Emeline!!! Sounds like she had a great day!!
I love the pic of the girl eating their cereal hehehe too cute!
Go knitters, knit your squares!!!! WHAT A PILE!!!

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