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June 28, 2007


I for one am definitely continuing to knit squares plus a few other things, such as dish cloths and a bib or two. The box will go out at the latest possible moment to make sure it is stuffed as much as possible with those items.

Oh my goodness! Not bored AT ALL!
It's thrilling to see all of the squares arrive. It is renewing to see physical evidence of people's generous spirits.

Sorry to hear about the potty pooper (get it?). As someone who has no children, but has worked with a lot of potty training kids I always tell people "One day it will end. They will use the toilet. There aren't many kids in Grade School in diapers and virtually none in High School." -- although with the pull-up ads these days...
I admire parents I really do. Potty is a a huge transition.
Just breathe and move on. And try again. And again.

Laura, I *love* your blog. All aspects of it. It's one of the most fun ones to visit. I get withdrawal symptoms when you don't post for a few days and wonder if something's happened to you or your family...

Seriously. Reading about swaps, travels, yarn dyeing, knitting, squares and everything in such rich detail that you manage to convey is wonderful. Don't ever change. And don't worry about being to wordy. I enjoy your blog so much.

Getting those dried blueberries and cherries is a full circle moment and I love that it happened to you. Good luck with the potty traning. :-)

Don't you just love how magical blogland seems to be? The socks are so handsome and so deserved. BTW, I spend too much time in a day thinking about my blog, everyone in blogland and just what I will post. Your posts come from the heart and are so enjoyable to read. Maybe Lila Pearl will teach Emeline and you'll be off the hook. ;-) Love you!

chuckling and giggling over the potty parties, being a mother of three and grandma to two..well, it seems they catch on and figure it out pretty much on their own and when they're ready they let you know...but I will say that 'big kid school' has quite the siren song, GD Gracie did finally 'decide' it was time to pull up her big girl panties and get on with it, she was right at 4. Seriously, it didn't bother me and I wasn't at all worried about it. They're all so different and fun.
What beautiful and thoughtful gifts! Love the socks from Line, and well, all the goodies you received, tucked in with obvious thought and care. (You pack a beautiful gift package also!).
I love your blog, never boring, never ever.

ohhh what a packed post!
You got some fantastic packages and I'm so glad you socks fit to a t :)I soooo want those rosewood dpn's, yummy!
I'm sure once Emeline sees that Lila is ahead of her in the game of potty she'll start to go, that added with the no potty no school will boost her along!

#2 son and I got into a power struggle over the potty. I ended up getting a bag of those itty bitty chocolate morsels for cookies. He got 1 for trying and 3 if he did anything. As much as I hate using edible rewards for people, I must say it worked like a charm. After he became reliable, I stopped reminding him of the reward, and but always gave it to him when he asked. He tapered off the rewards naturally by himself. Good luck!

Why can't kids just come potty trained already. Good luck with Emeline. You know it will happen eventually.

Yay! So glad you liked everything Laura! Enjoy:)

Long time reader...first time commenter :)
My mom used to leave the water dripping to encourage me and my sisters, too! I love your stories and really admire you for taking on the afghan project. I'm planning to send squares in July!
God Bless you!

Girl, look at my blog. I will be sending you 63 squares, all sewn up into a complete all-Noro afghan sometime this summer. You can count'em now if you want to! :o)

Hey everyone out there - Help Laura not feel nervous. Anyone knitting squares let her know how you're doing so far so she can see there's a lot of us out here knitting away. I've got 5 more squares finished so far and plan on doing more.

Hi Laura

Happy to see the socks fit, sorry I havn't been in touch sooner, but my PC is at the doctor :o(

I was so plased to se that the package arrived safely.


Don't give up on the square knitters out there.. I think most of us are just saving our stash so that we can send it in one mailing. You're going to be swamped in packages come August!

And here I was thinking that when I grew up I wanted to be just like YOU! With fewer afghan squares to seam, of course. heeheehee

Due to someone else's request to day how many are made I have over twenty done. I am still working. My goal is one a day until drop dead day of Aug 1st.

What a great garden package from Marisol! Oh, Laura, I love that your swap story came full circle! One of the things that I can't wait to do when we get to Michigan is go to the farmers market for a big ole bag of cherries! I only wish you could go, too...I'd bring you a blueberry muffin!

I'm still working on squares, amidst all the havoc that life is playing with me right now. Squares = Sanity!! And I love dried cherries, too, especially ones from Traverse City. Many fond memories there!


I am getting ready to send you some blocks- 4 that I knitted and a bunch of crocheted ones I have in a stash that you may be able to use. Hope so.

and just for your info, I recently learned of this- go to Google-type in translate- choose the Google translater and you can translate Danish to American and vice versa. Also other languages too. Pretty neat. I had found a nice blog that was all in French and converted it, worked like a charm!

Brooke turned 3 on Feb. 19, and I didn't even try the potty bit. Well finally on March 1st, I decided it was time, I put undies on her, and kept asking her if she had to go, "NO" are you sure you don't have to go "NO" finally I just took her in the bathroom pulled her pants down and sat her on the potty. She went "YA" when she realized what I was trying to get her to do, she has not worn ull ups or diapers since. What was really amazing was that later that day she decided she had to poo poo, and she did. So when she is ready she will do it. It isn't worth a fight as far as I am concerned, they only learn to resent the whole thing.
Good luck (and at least one is catching on) I get to try to train William (he just turned 18 months) That will be a challenge.

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