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June 20, 2007


WOW!!!...the pics are amazing..

You had your camera at the ready! You are so good at remembering places (I would never have known the name of the Italian place!) and capturing moments. It was so nice to hug you and spend time with you. It was just TOO SHORT!

I'm enjoying your Estes Park travelogue. It makes me all nostalgic for last year!

I knew I could count on you to take lots of pictures of your trip. I'm loving the day-by-day account. Gove is my kind of small town...don't know if you can buy groceries there, but you'll never need to drive far for yarn. What an amazing number of squares! The afghan is beautiful. Do you have any idea how the little medallion is made? I can't tell if it is knitted, crocheted, woven or what.

rofl that Margene!!!! As soon as I saw the pic with you and her I though oh my she wasn't joking when she said she was 5 foot something. I can't remember how tall Margene is but I don't think I"m too far off.
Those mountains are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! What a site to see!
There's really not that much more to go to reach your second goal, before you know it you'll be setting a third goal WOOOOO HOOOOO!
Glad your home and back blogging :)

Yay! Awesome pictures! tell us about your new camera. I could stand to upgrade my camera too....

Oh my gosh, I wish I had remembered about this before you went to Estes - We were there 11 or 12 years ago (not for the Wool Festival), and ate at this little bar and grill, Ted's Cantina. It was so good, we went back 3 or 4 times more in the 3 days we spent in Estes Park. It may not be there anymore, but I hope so - we talk about eating there if we ever visit again.

How wonderful! Yeah for your trip. I'm going camping next weekend and am just taking supplies to knit squares while we're gone.

It's an international effort! I am so glad you had a good time in Estes! Your pictures are great.

Wow it sound like you had a wonderful time on this trip! Good for you!
I'll stay tuned for the rest of the story:)

Glad you are home, safe and sound. But sorry I missed you this trip. I was happy to see Margene took my squares and you got them too.

Wow! The pictures from your trip look amazing. And that towering pile of squares?! Even better!

that's an amazing afghan! I see my squares ;-)

Carol in Placerville? Carol, speak up! Do you have a blog? There is a local (to me) knitter? Whoo Hoo

Hey - I recognize Karen. We used to work together at a yarn store in Bellevue, WA. Wow - I had fun looking over all of the travel pictures from these last few posts. Looks like you all had a ball!

Wow - it is so beautiful in Estes!
What fantastic pics you took with your new camera.
I have so much catching up to do - pardon this short comment.
I have to say, that Lapghan is stunning.

I see my squares! I see my squares!

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